Sunday 25th July 2021

Having met at Hallaton - an area of such outstanding beauty, our attention turned to Rogers bootlaces. We wondered if they were chosen to complement his jacket but once that was off, his colour palette was out of sync, so room for improvement Roger!

I found this description of the area and couldn’t improve on it as it describes our walk pretty accurately. ‘There is simply mile after mile of undulating countryside, a complete patchwork of hedged rectangular fields, criss-crossed here and there by meandering little streams. It is an engaging picture, with long winding leafy lanes, resplendent with gracious stone houses and cottages, gloriously adorned with ravishing gardens that are a riot of colourful summer flowers, foxglove, lupin, sweet pea and roses that climb, to cover old mellow stone walls. The lanes are often more suited to the horses riding out along them, than they are to the traffic of today.’ Pity it wasn’t Easter Monday as the ‘the villages of Hallaton and Medbourne engage in a riotous 'bottle kicking' contest which is said to have pagan origins. The local vicar distributes slices of Hare Pie, the remains of which are scattered on Hare Pie Bank. The villagers then engage to carry bottles of beer over the opposition boundary. The winner is carried shoulder high to Hallerton's butter cross to sample the beer, the celebrations continue in the local inns.’ Take note Paul when next route planning 🤣

We passed the Tin museum which ‘was the inspiration of Mrs Honoria Whigham who wanted to record, for future generations, a way of life in a small village community which was rapidly changing. A great variety of artefacts are gathered to form the nucleus of an historic local collection and a display mounted each year.’

Glooston Village Hall provided a convenient coffee stop as there were 2 well placed benches. Across more fields to an interesting sign post. Do we head for Shag ton or Noseley, that was the question as we approached one sign post. It was the latter, but several choice comments were made before moving on. [Ed – the members weren't up for it!]

We decided to conduct a cow test for our lunch spot. Would the cows in the far end of the field head towards us once we were sat and eating, the answer was No, they stayed well and truly put by the gate. Post walk drinks were taken outside at The Fox.

Report by Sue

Walk rating – Very Good - much better than in the mud of winter.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1 picutre 2

Roger is just reinforcing the point to the two disinterested ladies that his bootlaces definitly match his jumper.

picutre 3 picutre 4 picutre 5

We take lunch by a big old tree.

picutre 6

The one on the right is definitely giving us the eyes.

picutre 7 picutre 8

For some reason, Kate, Neville and Tina decide to test how many people this road barrier will support before it bends.

picutre 9

You could say we have achieved our goal!

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