Ab Kettleby

Sunday 21st June 2020

So having been sent instructions of where to meet and with whom, group 1 set off from the 3 word meeting point in Ab Kettleby to go clockwise round the route of what turned out to be a lovely walk with a bit of everything, including Bison with babies, Deer, Llamas or Alpacas (can never tell the difference) and a very low flying Red Kite.

Our coffee break was taken possibly a tad early but that was partly due to some conveniently placed concrete sleepers to keep us 2m apart, and not due to Sue's personal wishes, should you hear any vicious rumours!!

We came to the village of Long Clawson famous of course for the Stilton cheese and past the dairy which has been making the smelly stuff for over a century. Just after this we met group 2 having a late coffee break, who informed us of the mud and long wet grass ahead, so we told them of the steep climb ahead! We found a nice sunny spot for lunch with some shelter which was welcomed.

On reaching Holwell we saw group 2 cars parked but no sign of them. Quite a few people milling about here probably enjoying a walk at Howell Reserves which apparently is a special place for bats, wildflowers, birds and mammals. So it was back to our cars and the drive home, again sadly no pub stop. We await the news update with anticipation of when this can be resumed.

Report - Sue

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

We pass a small lake, looking very blue on this sunny day.

picutre 2

It was a bit muddy on this track.

picutre 3

There were some good views.

picutre 4

You don't see many cows of this colour.

picutre 5

The original entrance to Long Clawson Dairy.

picutre 6

Didn't know Nether Broughton had such a history.

picutre 7

Presumably this used to be the entrance for carriages.

picutre 8

There were plenty of Bison to see.

picutre 9

Including big Daddy!

picutre 10

And many younger versions.

picutre 11

Captive deer as well.

picutre 12

Did anyone spot these caterpillers?

picutre 13

More views.

picutre 14

The church at Wartnaby.

Pictures by Judith

picutre 15

Team Andy.

picutre 16

A herd a marauding calves – apparently!

Pictures by Roger

picutre 17

Another picture of Team Andy.

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