Islip Circuit

Sunday 6th December 2020

So good news, Coronavirus restrictions have been changed which meant we were able to meet up in groups of 6 to walk again (apart from those unfortunate enough to live in Stamford).

The gates to the Lyveden New Bield NT car park were closed so we parked on the road and walked up to the start point. James had very kindly printed out a copy of the route for everyone, Alan wanted to know if this was to score extra points or a lack of confidence in being walk leader!!

We soon came to Lyveden New Bield - built as an Elizabethan summer house, This building stands unfinished, as it was left by the builders following the death of Sir Thomas Tresham’s circa 1604-5. It is now owned by The National Trust having been classified as a building of exceptional interest.

There had been a sharp frost overnight which did help a little as following two days of heavy rainfall, the going underfoot was quite muddy at times, in fact, the mud was so deep at one point, photographic evidence will show what happens to walkers who do not follow the country code!!

Passing Wadenhoe Lodge we headed towards Lowick, where we sat in the churchyard for lunch in the winter sunshine. At this point, we were only about half way round, the long stretch of muddy fields slowing us down quite considerably.

Chat included the upcoming zoom meeting - our virtual Christmas🎄 party with DJ AP on the decks🎧 and Roger (Daltrey) Hall rocking the mic 🎤

Not a lot of wildlife about today but quite a few people out and about enjoying the fresh air (or not so fresh when we passed a steaming compost mountain 😷)

Sadly no post walk drinks as the local pub was closed and none of us had a scotch egg 🤣

Report - Sue

Walk rating – Average.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

It was a crisp frosty morning.

picutre 2

We started at the National Trust property Lyvedev New Bield.

picutre 3 picutre 4 picutre 5 picutre 6 picutre 7 picutre 8 picutre 9

The byway that we walked along for miles, was in really bad condition after recent rain, and progress was often slow.

picutre 10

Some of the puddles were extremely deep!

picutre 11 Back line