Sunday 5th July 2020

I was part of group 2 today as still observing COVID-19 guidelines. Setting off along the Macmillan Way from our 3 word car park meeting point, we seemed to steadily climb,(and not come down) for most of the route, but did get some great views. Adding to the ascent were quite a few stiles, all quite high and some quite dilapidated. For the record I got my coffee comment in nice and early.

Just after the break we met group 3 and there was mention of having to perform a flanking manoeuvre to keep socially distanced but Roger was worried about the spelling! We did all wonder about Group 1 and their whereabouts but it was later revealed, they had done a little detour and not a short cut as first suspected!

Quite a few people were milling around as we approached Launde Abbey which is now used as a conference and retreat centre by the Church of England dioceses of Leicester and Peterborough. And it has a tea shop! Carrying on along the Leicestershire Round who’s idea was it Judith, to climb to the top of the hill for some shelter from the wind? Good job it was a warm wind, but we did have lovely long grass to sit in for our lunch break.

Approaching All Saints church at Braunston with it’s strange tower/spire revealed an even stranger clock on the other side, looks completely out of place. We met group 3 again and there was even talk of post walk drinks at the local pub, but it was just talk today....maybe next time.

Report - Sue

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 3

A pleasant country scene.

picutre 4

The long and winding road.

picutre 5

It was a beautiful day

picutre 6

Two groups meet up and wonder why neither had seen the third group.

picutre 7

Launde Abbey.

picutre 8

Judith just sneaks into this landscape picture.

picutre 9

There was plenty of uncut meadowland.

Pictures by Charlotte

picutre 10

The “gone missing” group trying to find their way.

picutre 11

Forget Launde Abbey, Charlotte prefers taking pictures of Land Rovers.

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