“The Lock Down”(stream) Walk

Sunday 15th March 2020

Leaving home all by myself, I set off on my daily allowed outdoor exercise. Setting off from Yarwell Mill I walked uphill passing by a field of alpaca's munching away totally oblivious of the Coronavirus situation. I walked up into the village before taking a footpath leading to the fields that run alongside the river with the spring lambs bouncing around.

Across 3 fields I came within sight of the bridge at Wansford spanning the River Nene, eerily quiet due to the lack of traffic. As I left the fields and headed up into Wansford the parked cars were another sign of ‘working from home’ as they also were back in Yarwell. Passing by the church the primroses were a little reminder that life goes on, the sun still shines and the flowers will blossom.

Several windows along my route were displaying the rainbow signs, different messages but the same meaning. Back at Yarwell, after the long spell of raised water levels, the lock stood empty, yet another reminder of this strange world we are currently living in. I didn’t pass another person during my stroll, so it looks like the people round here are obeying Government guidelines.

Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives.

Hope to see you all soon. Stay safe everyone.

Report by Lockdown Sue

Walk rating – Quiet.

Pictures - Sue

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