Sunday 2nd August 2020

Two groups again today, group 1 going clockwise led by Nas and group 2 going anti-clockwise led by Roger, and it was Roger who quickly spotted the ‘enemy at 12:00’ across one of the many fields. After a quick greeting and checking out Nas’s - sexy compression stockings, we stopped not long after this for coffee. Martin checked out a purple crop of something that we decided was being grown for the bees, quite a few hives in the fields. The crop could have been a variety of lavender, sage or thyme, but either way any one of the latter would taste good in a risotto!

Onwards towards Wymondham - not as in Norfolk but a village in the county of Leicestershire, the windmill being a popular visitor attraction as now an historic site with tea rooms and shops. It was here we made use of the church bench to have a leisurely lunch as already 2/3’s of the way round. We saw some gorgeous piglets but unable to identify their breed.

The church at Edmondthorpe holds the tomb of Sir Roger Smith, which includes decorative alabaster figures. A fault in the alabaster of the Smith monument helped give rise to the Edmondthorpe Witch Legend. The legend tells that Lady Ann Smith was a witch who could turn herself into a cat. While a cat, she was wounded in the paw by her butler, and her injury remained on her hand when she became human again.

We actually managed post walk drinks, socially distanced of course, but unsure if this was due to COVID-19 or Ray’s underpants not yet having been soaked in aftershave!!

Report - Sue

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1 picutre 2

A big twig.

picutre 3

The purple crop.

picutre 4

There were some good views from our lunch spot.The only problem was the combine harvester going up and down covering us in dust.

picutre 5 picutre 6

Nas tries the pump handle outside Edmonthorpe chapel.

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