Sunday 1st March 2020

The beginning of March can mean only one thing – it's time to head back to the Peak District for some more adventurous walking.

There were six adventurous souls this week, James, Janet (and George), Nasser, Paul, Ray, and Roger, with the latter two meeting us there after travelling up the day before. We set off from the centre of Calver to be met almost immediately by a steep, muddy slope, we certainly weren't in Cambridgeshire any more! Fortunately it wasn't a very long one, so oxygen wasn't required.

Coffee was taken in the centre of Eyam where Ray discovered the pitfalls of stopping in a tourist hot–spot – £2 for a can of Coke. As we passed through Eyam we read about the villagers who had self–isolated when plague hit the village in 1665.

As we moved onto Longstone Moor the wind got up and we were treated to icy rain or hail, but despite this spirits were still high with James proving himself to be an able stand–in for Neville, helping George over the stiles.

Returning to the cars we retired to the Derwentwater Arms for a pleasant drink and some chips.

Report by Paul

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures - Paul and Roger

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