Beer by Rail

Saturday 14th August 2021

The day started around mid-day for heavy-weights Roger, Alan and Simon at Peterborough station to board the train for Oakham. We were joined on the train at Stamford by heavy-weights Martin and Jane.

Our first drinking stop in Oakham was at the Grainstore brewery just next to the station where we were joined by Kate. An hour later we were joined by light-weights Andy, Judith and Alexandra before moving on to the Lord Nelson in the Market Square where we had lunch.

There was time for another drink in Weatherspoons - the Captain Noel Newton - before heading to the station for the train back to Stamford. Kate left us here as she had travelled by car.

In Stamford we walked out to the Toby Norris but on arrival decided it was too stuffy in these covid times to stay, so moved on to the Lord Burghley. Here we were joined by feather-weights Yvette and Claire.

The day finished with fish and chips at the shop next to the Meadows before returning to the station for the journey home.

A staggeringly good day!

Report by Alan

Walk rating – rambling.

Pictures - Alexandra

picutre 1

Here we are at our lunch spot - the Lord Nelson in Oakham.

picutre 2

Alexandra's looking for something fruity.

picutre 3

But all she finds is some free-range eggs.

picutre 4

Waiting for the train at Oakham station.

picutre 5

The train arrives on time - to mask or not to mask?

picutre 6

We settle in at the Lord Burghley in Stamford.

picutre 7

Where Yvette and Claire join us.

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