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This is the web site of The Walking Club,
a Peterborough based hiking group.


Valley View

The Walking Club is an independent, non-profit making organisation run by an elected committee. Its objective is to arrange walking activities for the enjoyment of its members. These activities are focused around rambling and hill walking and do not include any competitive element.

We are based in the Peterborough/Stamford area but walks are normally outside this area. More local walks would cover the immediately surrounding counties whilst there are regular trips up to the Peak District to gain a bit of altitude and improved views. Several times a year we reach more distant venues by arranging overnight stops at Youth Hostels. At Easter, we normally arrange a trip to the Lake District. Walk distances are generally between 8 and 14 miles. Occasionally, longer challenge walks or long distance paths are tackled. Walks are generally programmed on a fortnightly basis.


On walk days, we meet at points in Peterborough and Stamford so that the minimum number of cars is used for transport thus minimising fuel usage and cost. A walk charge is made which goes towards the cost of fuel.

Our membership comprises a range of walkers from the very experienced through to those that have taken up walking for the first time. We welcome new walkers and will give guidance on which walks they should or should not tackle. The walk programme indicates the total ascent height and the walk length. This information is an indicator of how difficult the walk will be so it is possible to pick ones suited to individual ability.

Walks are led by one of the experienced club members who have led many walks over many years. Members are encouraged to learn to map read by “taking the map” on walks under the watchful eye of one of the walk leaders.

We arrange a number of social events throughout the year such as ten-pin-bowling, barbecues and meals out.

The group philosophy sets out what we are trying to achieve with our walking:

  1. To gain as much enjoyment as possible out of walking and social activities;
  2. To provide the members with the type of walking they like whether it be for fitness, fun or just to relieve the stresses of everyday life. We will do this by listening to what our members have to say;
  3. To walk where there are fewer people, away from all the crowds and off the beaten track.

We don’t claim to be the best walking club in the world, but we aim to have the most fun whilst trying.