Sneaton High Moor

Sunday 16th February 2020

Dennis continued to wreak havoc overnight but at least the rain had stopped. After breakfast, bag packing and check out, it was ‘what3words’ that got us to the exact location for today's walk over the moors around Flyingdales. It was mainly an uphill climb or slip/slide for the first half of the route. Eventually we came to open moorland still showing signs of being burnt at some point, and a longish trek through the heather. Eventually, the Flyingdales early warning system came into view, first sign of life as it were.

There was the chance to make a short detour, which some did, to see Lilla Cross. Martin informed us on his return that the stones are believed to be the oldest Christian monument in Northern England, erected in 626AD. This must have been at the top as we then began the descent, trying to keep upright with every step. The signpost bearing 4 directional posts all saying “Footpath” didn't appear to be that useful if you were lost. We managed to find a reasonably dry, sheltered spot for lunch before heading back to the car and the journey home. How only 3 out of 15 people (and 1 dog) didn't manage to stay upright was amazing.

Report by Sue

Walk rating – Good if you like moorland.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

The view over Whitby Harbour taken in slightly better weather.

picutre 2

View over the town from the hostel.

picutre 3

Water on the path was a constant factor.

picutre 4

There was plenty of water around.

picutre 5

A view over the moors.

picutre 6

We all arrive at the trig point at Stony Leas.

picutre 7

This is typical of the paths we were following.

picutre 8

A blue sky had not previously been seen over the weekend.

Pictures by Judith

picutre 9

The final drop down to the car park.

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