Sunday 25th October 2020

A beautiful day greeted our trip to the Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire borders, in stark contrast to the heavy rain of the day before. After parking on the green at Northend we set off along the Chiltern Way seeing low-flying kites and quite a few bikes.

The area was decorated in magnificent autumnal reds and yellows as we made our way along some muddy bridleways before beginning the first of the day’s climbs. As we continued we were presented with great views of the rolling Chiltern hills. Meeting up with the other group we were slightly concerned that Martin seemed to have lost someone already, but apparently Tina had not made the trip.

We stopped for coffee by Turville Manor, where Ray produced scones for everyone, which was very pleasant and should be encouraged! Shortly afterwards we reached Turville itself and were faced with the steepest climb of the day, at this point we all wished we were in the other group who would be going down it.

From here we followed a valley for several miles before rejoining the Chiltern Way, and meeting the other group, who had been delayed because of someone taking lots of photos, not mentioning any names but she had just returned from Portugal!

One last climb brought us back to the cars after a great day with good weather and good scenery.

Report - Paul

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures - Alexandra

picutre 1 picutre 2 picutre 3 picutre 4 picutre 5 picutre 6 picutre 7 picutre 8 picutre 9 picutre 10 Back line