Monsal Head

Sunday 22nd August 2021

Eight of us headed to Ashford in the Water. It was supposed to be eleven but Ray had a better offer (which involved him getting very wet with Nasser), Janet broke her wrist on the day before, and Alexandra went home with Janet.

Leaving the pretty village of Ashford in the Water Andy, Jane, Judith, Kate, Paul, Martin, Neville, and Roger headed for the scenic lookout at Monsal Head where many photos were taken. We then headed down into the dale where we crossed the river, which was the start of our troubles, before climbing up to join the Monsal Trail, and coffee was taken.

Continuing down the trail we reached the Cressbrook Tunnel, where we were supposed to turn off to head down to the bridge at Cressbrook. However there was a sign there, that Paul completely missed, telling us that the bridge was closed, and fortunately other members of the party spotted the sign! This meant that the route went out of the window and the party was witness to some route-planning on the hoof as Paul decided to head through the Cressbrook and Litton tunnels to cross the river at Litton Mill and then return along Miller’s Dale to Cressbrook. This was repeating part of the route that Paul and Neville had traversed several years ago.

Lunch was taken beside the river between Litton Mill and Cressbrook before we headed up Cressbrook Dale. To keep the route length approximately the same a short cut was taken out of Cressbrook Dale towards Wardlow to meet up with the original route. The route was so badly defined that we walked passed it and reached the road beyond it before realising our mistake and correcting ourselves.

After that we headed back to Ashford without further incident, it was truly a magical mystery tour!

Report by Paul

Walk rating – very good.

Pictures - Roger

picutre 1

Five of the group have only dressed for a Zoom call so need to hide behind the wall!

picutre 2 picutre 3 picutre 4 Back line