Barnack Hills and Holes

Sunday 18th April 2021

Still walking in smaller groups, Yvette and myself offered Alan the option of becoming a honoury female but he strangely declined using a deep gruff voice for some reason. As Alan still holds the position of Club strap adjuster, he balanced out Yvettes straps so that she wasn’t lop sided, (nothing to do with chicken fillets 🤣).

[Ed – The day started with Sue pointing at Yvette's chest and exclaiming "You're wonky". I thought this was rather a personal comment, but upon inspection, I discovered that this was indeed the case and, being the gentleman that I am, I went about the task of adjusting her straps. We started with the right one to get that side at the right elevation and then onto the left until we had a matching pair. Exploring the Barnack Hills seems to have taken on a whole new meaning! - It's good to have you back Yvette.]

We set off from Barnack hills and holes crossing into Burghley Park towards Wothorpe. As we approached Stamford, we stopped for coffee on a bench with a great view overlooking Stamford. Having chosen not to drive the distance, we did think of the other members enjoying Peak District views. We had been given the heads up on this spot from Martin and his group of Jane, Deborah, Debbie and Trevor who were walking in the opposite direction.

Walking through the High Street of Stamford it was good to see the shops open again and people enjoying drinks together. The route was reasonably busy with walkers enjoying the warm sunshine. It was good to see the ornamental crocodile at the water mill is still in place.

Lunch was taken near the disused Stamford Canal. The canal was one of the earliest in the country, built to make the River Welland navigable to Stamford. It was fully navigable by 1673 and remained in operation until 1863. It is still possible to to identify the course of the canal and see bridges, locks and other features amongst the undergrowth. There were 12 locks to handle the drop of 13m between Stamford and Deeping St James. If we had carried on another few yards we would have met up with the others also having lunch. Moving on, (straps checked! [Ed – Yes, I carried out another inspection and can confirm there was no wonkiness - all ship-shape and bristol fashion!]), we came to Uffington station - the last train to pass through was in 1964.

Sadly the Millstone at Barnack was not open to enjoy a drink there - hopefully future walks will enable us to do this as a group as restrictions are slowly lifted.

Report by Sue

Walk rating – Good.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

The outskirts of Burghley Park.

picutre 2

The lambs a shade under-cooked.

picutre 3

Our coffee stop view over Stamford.

picutre 4

The River Welland in Stamford.

picutre 5

Stamford Meadows.

picutre 6

The mill outside Stamford is always a tranquil spot.

picutre 7

Yvette and Sue.

picutre 8

The River Welland.

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