Burnham Overy Staithe

Sunday 13th June 2021

Got to be the hottest walk for the group this year but couldn’t have been in a better place than by the sea. Note to route planner though - perhaps not a good time of the year to go as parking was in short supply unless you were prepared to park on the beach and trust your walk leader that they wouldn’t get you lost before the next high tide! Alan thought it a good idea to go anti-clockwise so that we completed the latter stages on the beach with hopefully a sea breeze. Setting off from Burnham Overy Staithe, temperatures were already quickly rising and there were SUVs, little dinghies, sail boats and people paddling in abundance.

A cool spot for coffee was found resting against the walled garden of Holkham Hall. The impressive hall and grounds soon came into view, just for you Jane, here is ‘who lives in a house like this’: "At the heart of this thriving 25,000 acre estate on the north Norfolk coast, stands Holkham Hall, an elegant 18th century Palladian style house, based on designs by William Kent and built by Thomas Coke, 1st Earl of Leicester. The house remains privately-owned and is the home to the Earls of Leicester".

As we passed the lake, we spotted a host of geese which were not identifiable to us with limited birding skills. They turned out to be Barnacle Geese, usually resident in Russia but obviously liking our English conditions as there were a number of goslings.

We walked up the long drive towards the beach and enjoyed an icecream before heading onto the beach. A quick look at The Look Out- National Nature Reserve it was onto the beautiful golden sand and to our lunch spot which Alan is either to be blamed for or credited depending on your point of view, as it very slowly dawned on us that we had sat down in the nudist’s area [Ed – Well I did say at the start that we would go through a nudist beach, but normally they are hiding in the dunes.]. The sight of a naked man parading around finally gave it away! Anyway Martin I found this job advert and thought you might like to apply:

“Holkham Hall in Norfolk is seeking a beach warden to provide “checks and engagement” with visitors to their nudist beach.” It’s dated March 2021 so might still be up for grabs! Yours for the taking 🤣 [Ed – it would be interesting to know what the job description is - I note the following is included "is looking for a 'passionate' warden to help engage with visitors to their dunes."!]

A quick drink at The Hero went down very well before we decided it would be a good idea to head home and try and beat the traffic, which was already starting to build so a good decision. My car said 30 degrees back at The Woodman so like I said a hot walk but great location.

Report by Sue

Walk rating – Very Good.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

A shady spot for our coffee/water stop.

picutre 2

There were Ox-Eye Daisies in abundance.

picutre 3

Fountains at Holkham Hall.

picutre 4

Holkham Hall lake.

picutre 5

Barnacle Geese.

picutre 6

Deer in Holkham grounds.

picutre 7

Holkham Hall.

picutre 8

It was noted that none of the features on this building were duplicated.

picutre 9

Kate's contribution to our naturist location for lunch, is bare feet.

picutre 10

Overy Marshes.

picutre 11

A herd of Belted Galloways patrol the marshes.

picutre 12

Burnham Overy Staithe at low tide.

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