Castor Hanglands

Sunday 7th June 2020

A small report but a very significant one by the same token. This was the 1st walk that we have been able to complete as a group since March 18th due to Coronavirus lockdown. And to mark our return we welcomed Charlotte.

Having to change the walks to comply with Government guidelines, we travelled separately to the start point where Alan had carefully split us up into groups no larger than 6. Two walks of 11 miles and one of eight (9.2 in the end) had been arranged. It was a bit of a wet start but nobody was bothered, we were just happy to be out walking again.

We decided that although a late start, a coffee break was still happening as no rush to get back. Naturally the conversation was dominated by Covid-19 which made a change from Brexit.

Castor Hanglands wood is thought to have existed for over 10,000 years and the name ‘Hangra’ is Old English for a wood in a hill.

We stopped for lunch having sanitised our hands when the rain decided to start again so it was a quick pit stop. Back at the car park we went our separate ways looking forward to the next walk in these crazy times.

Report - Sue

Walk rating – Average.

Pictures - Alan

picutre 1

Passing Ailsworth Church.

picutre 2

We wondered what this fairly recently built outhouse was at the church.

picutre 3

Leaving Ailsworth Church. You might have gathered I did not take many photos on this walk.

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