Let's Go


This is the web site of The Walking Club,
a Peterborough based hiking group.

What should I do if I want to come on a walk?

You should contact us in the first instance by e–mail by clicking on the “Contact us” button on our web site. We will respond as soon as we can and send you a copy of the latest Club newsletter which includes the telephone numbers of the Club’s committee members, should you wish to talk to someone.

The newsletter and the website include details of forthcoming walks. You should decide which walk you would like to come on and, between the Monday and Thursday preceding the walk, send an email to the e–mail address included in the newsletter so that we know to expect you at one of the meeting places. The location of the meeting places are given in the newsletter and on the “Walks” page of the web site. Please note that meeting times vary from walk to walk.

If you are an inexperienced walker you should choose one of the easier walks to start with.

What type of walks do you do?

Our walk programme is described on our website. In general we walk between 8 and 14 miles in locations up to a 2 hour drive from Peterborough. The walks cover a range of difficulties from flat walking in the Fens to the hills in the Peak District. We arrange weekends away where the walking may be more challenging.

Do I have to join?

You do not have to join for your first walk. We hope you will come along and see what a lovely bunch of people we are before you join.

Why do you charge for walks?

The “charge” identified for each walk is an estimate of the shared cost of petrol to drive to the walk and back. Depending on how many people share a car, we may be in profit or in loss on each walk. Overall, we aim to break even as a club.

Do I need a car?

Our Club relies on members willing to drive to walks which are usually a car ride away. So if you have a car, we would hope you would take a turn to drive. Obviously, if none of our members had cars that they were happy to use, then we would need to change the type of walking we do. Generally we have a sufficient proportion of members who are willing to drive so we are happy to welcome non–drivers.

You will need to find your own way to one of our meeting points. The main meeting place is in Peterborough. When we are travelling northwards, we also have a meeting place in Stamford and by arrangement, Market Deeping when travelling in that direction. Details are included in our newsletter and the “Walks” page of the web site.

What if I can not finish the walk?

Walking can be harder than people think, particularly with hill walking, and we have had situations before where people have not been fit enough to complete a walk. In such cases we get you to the nearest road and someone stays with you until we can pick you up. But it is rare for this to happen, so don’t let it put you off coming. If you don’t try, you will never know.

What equipment do I need?

As a minimum we expect you to have some strong walking shoes and some waterproofs. You will need some lunch and a drink. In the summer you will need more drink than you think – maybe between one and a half and three litres. What you need varies depending on time of year and where we are walking. There is more guidance on equipment on other pages on the web site.

What is the average age of members?

Our age range is from late twenties to seventies, but the majority of our walkers are between forty five and sixty five.

Can I bring my dog?

You may bring your dog providing you keep it under control and you use you own car to transport it. Some members of our group are not comfortable with dogs, so you will need to be sensitive to this in controlling your dog. We have a “Dog Code” which is included on the web site.

Do you walk all year round?

Yes. Our walks are programmed at regular intervals throughout the year. We will walk in any conditions. The only constraint there has been in the past, is where snow and ice is, or is forecast to be, so bad that road conditions are too dangerous to travel. In this case we might undertake a local walk instead.