Arlesey Round – Wilbury Hills – Walk 27/2006 – 17th December

Clear blue skies greeted us for this trip down the A1 into Hertfordshire. For a change the sun was in our eyes as we travelled south rather than our more normal northerly direction. On arriving in Arlesey we looked for the village hall to park. But we drove up and down the village a couple of times before we eventually found it. We were thrown by the fact that it was a very long village.

There were one or two good tracks on this walk and some interesting areas around the fringes of villages. But overall rather too many muddy field tracks. Although the walk back into Arlesey along the river was quite pleasant and we did find a convenient picnic area for our soup stop. Plus there were plenty of pubs for our after walk drink.

Walk rating – average to below average

Wetton Wild – Walk 26/2006 – 3rd December

The weather forecast was predicting that it would really be “Wet and Wild” but it was only playing a game because we didn't hardly get wet at all and it was only breezy on top of the hills. So where were all the women? Out-numbering the men on the last walk, only young Alex turned up this week. Had they chickened out because of the wet weather predictions? Surely not. So we gave them the benefit of the doubt and concluded they were Christmas shopping. Or maybe just shopping. In the event this was quite a pleasant day and there was some good scenery in the hills around Wetton.

Alan had unfortunately forgotten his lunch box but Graham gave him a banana which, whilst not as big, was a suitable replacement ... together with a couple of sandwiches from Geoff.

Alex did well to cover the 8 miles and it was strange for most of us to see Stuart at the back.

We managed to find a pub open somewhere neare Alstonefield for our post walk drink before making our way back to Peterborough. Graham seems to remember this pub purely for the large dog sitting by the bar staring at us.

Walk rating – good

Newstead Abbey, Blidworth and Fountain Dale – Walk 25/2006 – 19th November

10 of us experienced a most beautiful wooded walk around Blidworth and Fountain Dale Nottinghamshire. The 11 mile circuit included wooded stretches and open country in between, there were a few climbs albeit none strenuous. It was a fantastic time of the year to be doing this particular walk, the long and most picturesque avenues of trees were at their autumnal prime, showing off rich gold, oranges and reds, also dramatised by the brilliant sunshine and clear blue sky of the day. Holly trees were in abundance with shiny red berries and put some of us in an early Christmas mood.

The open countryside housed several farm animals. A number of friendly horses were pleased to have some attention from us and we witnessed a solitary fat pig basking in the sun alone, we felt he had a fall out with the rest of his pig mates from the large farm! Some fellow walker commented on the lack of sheep, but it was decided perhaps they had been moved for the winter, as it was a cold frosty start (making the walk even more rejuvenating). Bird life offered interest as we watched a diving Kestrel search for his lunch and some of us could also smell the recent presence of Mr Fox.

We received several snippets of history education parallel to our walking as the area has associations with Robin Hood. We passed through Fountain Dale the legendary abode of Friar Tuck after passing by the previous home of Maid Marion, and finished at the ‘Little John pub’ for a fine drink. In the earlier part of the walk we had also passed a medieval priory where Lord Byron had lived for some time. We had a memorable lunch as we all sat on a scattered array of hay bales, some more sturdy than others (see photo) one of my fellow walkers compared us to a group of gnomes, a pity we did not have enough time to allocate gnome names. (Is “Dippo” a gnome name? – Ed)

In my opinion the walk was very beautiful and a must for a revisit, (particularly in the autumn)

Cathy H

Walk rating – very good

A Longshaw Round - Walk 24/2006 - 5th November

This was the first time that we had parked at Longshaw Hall despite having passed it many times on our way up to the Peak District. This was an interesting walk with stretches across open moorland but with one wooded section. The circuit includes Higgor Tor from where there are good views. There is a National Trust tea shop at Longshow Hall, but it was too busy for us to get a seat. Instead we went to the nearby Fox Inn for our post walk drink. This walk does not have too much hill climbing so was not particulatly strenuous.

Walk rating - good

Chater Crossings - Walk 23/2006 - 22nd October

This was a local walk starting at South Luffenham and taking in the villages of Pilton, Wing, Lyndon and North Luffenham. The route generally follows the ridges either side of the River Chater. Wing proved to be an interesting village with an old maze which had been preserved. The rain kept off for most of the day but it drizzled a bit near the end.

Walk rating - average

Yorksire Dales Weekend - Walk 22/2006 - 6th to 8th October

See Event Reports.

Good for the Heart - Walk 21/2006 - 24th September

After passing through heavy rain on the drive to Claverdon the walk started in lovely warm sunshine which continued all day. The route was a mixture of quiet roads, grassy fields, small woods and pleasant rolling hills passing a number of secluded (and very expensive looking) properties . There were also sections of the Stratford upon Avon canal and the boats manoeuvring through the locks gave added interest to our coffee and lunch stops. Typically of these areas there were some awkward moments of navigation and a couple of wrong turns but we made it back in time for a pint at the pub.


Walking Rating - Pleasant

Eyam Moor - Walk 20/2006 - 10th September

This walk started at Hatersage and skirted the edge of Eyam Moor before reaching Eyam, the plague village where we visited the location of the plague graves sones. Thr route returns along the Derwent valley.

A walk with decent scenery and the weather was fine.

Walk rating - good

Jurassic Way Part 4 - Walk 19/2006 - 27th August

For part 4, we did the stretch from Stoke Albany to Sibbertoft. As usual for a linear walk we had to think carefully about what car would be where. We were fortunate today as Nigel had bought his people carrier, which meant that by leaving his car at the end of the walk we could all get in it to drive back to the start. Mind you we did forget the golden rule for car drivers on linear walks “Leave your shoes with the car”.

For a national trail, this part of the Jurassic Way proved quite difficult to follow, particularly as we only had a 50,000 scale map. As a result there were several times where progress was slow whilst we hunted for the route, the first of which was in leaving Stoke Albany.

There were some quite good views on this walk but the footpaths were mainly across fields only a few of which fortunately were ploughed. If it had been wetter, it would have been pretty muddy crossing some of them.

As we reached the village of Sibbertoft, we noticed the sign “Teas 3 to 5.30pm”. But where were the teas? We saw no other signs so walked back to the car. And would you believe it, the teas were at the village hall next to which we had parked. And what teas they were, the cakes were absolutely delicious. So a good end to the day.

Walk rating - average

The River Hamps - Walk 18/2006 - 13th August

A decent walk memorable mainly for the spot where we stopped to watch lots of martins and swallows dipping and diving around us.

We had started this walk at Butterton where there were not many parking spaces. But we did manage to park near a pub, which meant there was somehwere at hand to have a drink at the end.

Walk rating - good

What’s the Point - Walk 17/2006 - 30th July

On returning to Kelling after dropping one car at the end of this linear walk, Alan and Owen could see no walkers. Where had they disappeared to? The fact there was a tea shop and art gallery opposite soon provided the answer. Was this a first, having a drink before the walk?

It was a hot day but the sea breeze kept it bearable. It was good to see Colin out with us on this walk for the first time in a while.

We finished up at Mowston Quay, where there is another handy refreshment bar for the walkers to visit whilst we picked up the other car.

Walk rating - good

Walking the Wolds Way - Walk 16/2006 - 16th July

Since there was only three for this walk, we decided the linear walk planned would not be a good idea as we would need to take two cars. So instead we did a circular walk in the Linconlshire Wolds in the area south of Louth. We christened this walk "The Churches Walk" because it included 4 interesting small churches, each of which was open and available for inspection. We obviously started the walk too early, because we reached the one pub on the route at Tetford before it had opened.

The weather forecast was hot and dry, so we were dismayed when we got wet feet crossing the first field. The farmer had cut the corn to mark the path, but the resprouting crop was heavily due laden and our boots got sodden. Next we got attacked by flies of the blue bottle and hornet variety and later on thunder flies. But all in all it was a pleasant walk in quiet countryside.Walk rating - average

Left of Langsett - Walk 15/2006 - 2nd July

An enjoyable walk in the peaks notable mainly because Graham was struggling with a leg problem on the week before his trekking holiday in Pakistan (it was OK in the event).

Walk rating - good

Allgreave Circuit - Walk 14/2006 - 18th June

Some people didn't come on this walk because it was forecast to be very hot. In the event it was overcast all day and we even had some spots of rain. This was fairly easy walk with no large climbs. Some good scenery along the way. We finished up in the local pub where they plonked a bowl of baked potatoes and yorkshie puddings on the table for us to snack on. A nice touch.

Walk rating - good

A Long Weekend in Pembrokeshire - Walk 13/2006 - 1st to 4th June

See Event Reports

Barrowden and Wakerley Wander - Walk 12/2006 - 21st May

Unfortunately the forecast was for rain and we got rain. But not to the extent that we were drenched, it was reasonably light.

The red kite centre at Top Lodge has some covered arches in the quadrangle and these provided a dry area to eat our lunch together with some cockerels (i.e. we had lunch with the cockerels, not we ate the cockerels).

This is a pleasant walk and probably best done on a sunny day.

Parking by the Exeter Arms at Barrowden Green had its advantages in that once we had finished the walk we could go straight into the pub.

Walk rating - average (but probably good if weather better)

Limestone All Around - Walk 11/2006 - 7th May

This was a lovely walk with a real variety of scenery and interest. There was also a large charity walk taking place and a few times we had comments like "have you seen some red flags" and "if you're one of ours you're heading in the wrong direction". After the usual struggle finding our correct route out of the village we headed across country taking in Robin Hoods Stride and the nearby Hermits Cave. These rocky hill top outcrops provided the perfect place for elevenses with good views all around.

Lunch was taken in Gratton Dale, which was full of cowslips, and then on to Long Dale. After more open fields it was back toward Youlgreave through a lovely wood following the River Bradford.

Perhaps the highlight of the walk though were 4 young calves who thought they were race horses, galloping around their field, annoying the adult cows and chasing two lambs. They were great entertainment. Everyone agreed it was an excellent walk and one we would like to repeat.

Report by Graham

Walk rating - excellent

Historic Routes across the Chilterns - Walk 10/2006 - 23rd April

This was a very pleasant walk in the Chilterns. The walk includes a fair amount a ridge walking and there were good views along much of the route.

We passed the Ivinghoe Beacon where we noted there was a tea shop so we knew where to go after the walk for our cup of tea.

The main disappointment was that we did not see any red kite. Last time we came this way they were a common sighting.

Walk rating - very good

Derwentwater at Easter - Walk 09/2006 - 14th - 17th April

See Event Reports

A Taste of Honey - Walk 08/2006 - 9th April

This walk starts at Warmington village green in Warwichshire. Apparently one of the largest village greens in England. The weather was kind to us.This area is near the Cotswolds and so some of the villages have a Cotswoldy look to them.

One very interesting property was a pub that looked like a castle - see photograph. Unfortunately it was closed.

This walk had some very good tracks and so little of the walking was across agricultural fields.

Walk rating - good

Chinley, South Head and Chestnut Centre - Walk 07/2006 - 26th March

This walk in the dark peak area had some good views. Although some of the route near the end was through built up areas, because they were quite old, they had some interesting features. One of these was a very old stome bridge crossing a pipe - see photograph.

Walk Rating - good

Alsop, Parwich and Tissington - Walk 06/2006 - 12th March

As soon as we stopped at the parking place, it started snowing. The weather forecast had predicted a wind chill of -8C. It sure was cold. As we set off at pace to keep warm, Trevor thought he had joined a yomping SAS troop. He soon warmed up though. Everybody realised why they need those extra layers.

When we got down into the Dovedale valley it seemed much warmer - it was only about 0C. But relatively it was warm so we stopped for coffee.

Care was also taken to choose a lunch stop which was out of the wind.

This was the first snow walk of the year - something most of us thoroughly enjoy. And Trevor was still alive when we finished!

After finsihing the walk we made for the tea shop in Tissington which fortunately was open and we were able to have a cup of tea and warm up.

The snow had finished as we finished our walk and as we drove out of the peak district we found that none of the other roads had been affected by the snow. So we have best of both worlds, a snow free journey but plenty of snow during the walk.

Walk rating - fantastic (because of the snow)

B&B Walk in the Forest of Dean - Walk 05/2006 - 26th February

See Event Reports

Jurassic Way - Part 3 - Walk 04/2006 - 12th February

This was one of those days when there was rain in the air for most of the day. So although we didn't get soaked, it was a muddy walk. The walk was the third part of the Jurassic Way that we have covered. It was decided to do the linear walk in reverse, so that the rain was not in our faces. So the walk started at Stoke Albany and finished at Gretton.

The walk is near the Rockingham Forest where there is a good population of red kite. Although we saw fleeting glimpses, we did not see the sort of displays that we witnessed in the Chilterns.

Although there were plenty of muddy fields on this walk, there were also some good views.

Walk rating - good

Carsinsgton Circuit - Walk 03/2006 - 29th January

It was a cold dry day for this walk in the peak district around Carsington. There are a lot of squeeze stiles on this walk and many of them are so narrow we couldn't get through them with our rucsacs on. After lunch we split into two groups with one group doing 13 miles and the other 9 miles. As the 9 mile group neared the end of the walk, they decided to stop in the pub because they thought the other group would be at least half an hour. However it turned out they were much closer and passed by while we were in the pub and then had to come and find us. Unfortunately the pub stopped serving at 4pm just before they arrived.

Walk rating - very good

DH Lawrence's Nottinghamshire - Walk 02/2006 - 15th January

There was no walk leader available for this walk so unfortunaetly it did not happen.

Stamford Social - Walk 01/2006 - 2nd January

This was a leisurely stroll around Stamford and Uffington to get rid of the cob webs after the Chistmas festivities. It finished with a drink in one of Stamford's many pubs.

Walk rating - Average

Peterborough Perambulations - Walk 26/2005 - 11th December

Not much support for this advertised pub-crawl. However there were a couple of new walkers to accompany Alan. We walked out through the grounds of Milton Park to Caister before turning south to the River Nene which we following back into Peterborough.

We ended with a drink at the Woodman just down from Travelex (from where Alan could walk home).

Walk rating - Ok for Peterborough

Mam Tor, Lose Hill, Castleton and Winnats Pass - Walk 25/2005 - 4th December

A walk in fairly familiar territory with good views. The walk was notable for the fact that both Alex and Bryony Cutforth walked around the 6.5 miles.

Walk rating - good

Bishop's Way: Downham to Ely - Walk 24/2005 - 20th November

There was a good turn out for this walk. The weather was fine and the walk fairly easy although there were plenty of muddy tracks.

Walk rating - average

Ringing Roger and Grindslow Knoll - Walk 23/2005 - 6th November

The weather forecast was not good for this walk and it did rain for most of the morning. This meant that the brooks were flowing full and we did have difficulty in crossing one. A running leap did the trick with only the odd foot suffering submersion. Fortunately it had stopped in time for lunch and we found a relatively calm spot on the top after the main climb of the day. The weather cleared in the afternoon and some of the views available started to be evident. This was a shortish walk which proved a good choice bearing in mind the weather and the shortening hours of daylight. At the end of the walk we had a drink in the cafe at the railway station in Edale, which was surprisngly quiet, before making our way home.

Walk rating - good

Jurassic Way Part 2 - Walk 22/2005 - 23rd October

Report awaited

Dove Dale, Wetton, Ecton Hill, Alstonefield and Wolfscote Dale - Walk 21/2005 - 9th October

A pleasant walk around the White Peak area. This walk includes a climb up Gypsy Bank that notoriously steep climb out of Dove Dale.

Walk rating - good

Grimsthorpe Round - Walk 20/2005 - 25th September

This was a very pleasant walk for those that don't mind walking around the estuaries of Essex and Suffolk. The weather forecast was for showers but after a very brief flutter or two near the beginning of the walk, the day turned into a beautiful sunny one. Perhaps the memory from the walk was the incredibly large number of blackberries to be found along the route. Most of us were full up by the time we reached lunch time. We ended the day sat in the warm sunshine in the garden of the Sorrel Horse in Shottisham which was notable by the fact that they had a plastic bag of water hanging from the door frame to stop the flies going in! Still not convinced of the veracity of this claim.

Walk rating - good

If you go down to the woods today.... - Walk 19b/2005 - 11th September

This walk did not take place

How are the Howgills - Walk 19a/2005 - 9 to 11th September

See Event reports

Grimsthorpe Round - Walk 18/2005 - 28th August

This was quite a pleasant walk considering how close it was to Peterborough. There were rolling hills, grassy tracks though avenues of trees on the Grimsthorpe Estate and the wooded areas of Bourne Woods. We managed to find a pub on route near the end of this walk and as it was sunny day we sat in the garden for a quick drink.

Walk rating - good (considering proximity to Peterborough)

Hayfield, Rushup Edge, Edale and Jacob's Ladder - Walk 17/2005 - 14th August

We split into two groups for this walk. We had some new walkers with us and they were happy to stick with 6 miles. The more experienced group did the full 16 miles.

Fortunately the short walk group found a pub with a teleivision where we sat and watched a thrilling test match untill the others returned.

Walk rating - good

Clinton Country - Walk 16/2005 - 31st July

The initial walk along a straight canal was rather tedious but otherwise this was a fairly interesting walk but not memorable apart from an apparent reluctance of the group to walk through a field of bullocks.

Walk rating - average

Alton Water Circuit - Walk 15/2005 - 17th July

In beautiful hot sunny weather, this was a day for wandering along the banks of the Stour Estuary. The pace was leisurely. We found an ideallic spot in the shade for lunch and summer walks don't get much better than this. There was little or no climbing, so although some found the going hot in the 25 degree heat, for others the slight coastal breeze made it pleasant.

We picked up an extra couple at the start. A Bavarian lady called Charlotte, I think, and her partner. They were meant to be with the Ramblers but had not found them it seemed. Our memory of them is that they were very keen to get to a pub, and Charlotte asked if we had a club rule about at what temperature the ladies could take their tops off. Trevor replied that there was no limit! But he didn't get any takers. We split into two groups near the end. One taking a short cut back via the pub and the other completing the intended 11.25 miles. This included passing the Tattingstone Wonder - a folly consisting of two cottages faced with a false church front and tower.

Meeting up back at the visitor centre, we had a cup of tea at the cafe where Jill explained to us why you do not have to walk any faster if you take a greyhound or a whippet for a walk.

Walk Rating - very good

Five Dales from Peak Forest - Walk 14/2005 - 3rd July

A fine day and five different dales to walk through. Monks Dales proving to be a very rocky and slippery track through the tress which took us some time to negotiate. Hay Dale contained an excellent wild flower meadow which was in full flower. The return along the Limestone Way provides some easy walking with good views. All in all a excellent exploration of typical Dales scenery.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Yorkshire Threee Peaks Challenge - Walk 13/2005 - 17th - 19th June

See Event Reports.

Walk Rating - Extremely tough

A Seaside Stroll - Walk 12/2005 - 5th June

This walk starts and ends at Cromer. Although the weather was fine when we set out, as we travelled inland, the clouds gathered and it started raining. Having got fairly wet, we stopped at a tea shop at Hill Farm just east of Roughton. By the time we emerged, the rain was easing off and we were able to stop for lunch without getting too wet.We got back to the coast at Overstrand, from where we walked back along the cliffs. We stopped off at the tea shop at Pretty Corner before we started the journey back where an officer from Cambridgshire County Council footpaths department encouraged us to report blocked up footpaths as they did not have the resources to walk round all the paths but would follow up any information they recieved on blocked paths. Very few of the paths on this walk were across muddy fields, so from that point of view it was a good walk.

Walk Rating - Good

There was an alternative trip to the Peak District on this Sunday for those planning to do the Three Peaks Challenge walk but a report is not available.

Hayfield, Snake Path and Kinder Edges - Walk 11/2005 - 22nd May

There is no report for this at the moment.

Captured by the Wolds - Walk 10/2005 - 8th May

This was a farily pleasant walk in the Lincolnshire Wolds the most memorable part of which was the picturesque ponds that we came across to sit by for lunch. We managed to get back to cars before heavy rain started. At Hagworthingham there was both a pub and a tea shop and as the desires of the group differed at the end of walk, some of us went to the tea shop and others to the pub.

Walk Rating - Good

Pure Peak District - Walk 09/2005 - 24th April

We split into two groups for this walk. The potential "Three Peakers" going for the 16 miles, whilst Alan and Nigel settled for the more gentle 9 miles. The 9 mile walk proved to be more gentle than expected, and we completed the majority of the route in double-quick time forcing us to stop at a pub whilst we tried to contact the others. Having found that they were some way away, we decided to extend our route to take in Langsett where there happened to be another pub where we could sit in the sun whilst waiting for the others to get nearer the end. So on this occasion, the short walk ended up nearer 12 miles.

The following report was received from Graham who was with the other group:

This walk started off with Helen taking over the map reading for the first time. Perhaps it was a unfair to expect her to navigate through woods at the first attempt and sure enough we took a wrong turn 200 yards in. We knew about our error though and took another route to the high ground. Once over the initial hill the scenery opened up to some lovely vistas and pleasant valleys, during which Judith was persuaded that the Grouse calls were being made by sheep!

After a warm (for once) lunch stop we plodded on and due to a bit too much talking, and even with the GPS, we overshot our route out of the valley. This resulted in some unplanned but fun, bolder hopping up a stream to regain the high boggy ground. A good few miles of bog hopping, trotting, running and jumping followed, culminating in Graham (me!) getting one leg well and truly stuck in the peat. Not even being pulled would free the leg and only a bit of digging down with the other foot did the trick. A dodgy place to walk on your own. Once we regained the firm tracks our spirits soon picked up and we retraced our steps to the car (without getting lost in the woods). A long and reasonable varied enjoyable walk.

Walk rating - Good

Eyebrook Round - Walk 08/2005 - 10th April

Although not shown as a public right of way, the track round the reservoir is regularly used by the public and the inviting stile at the entrance did nothing to convince us that we should not go that way. The resulting walk through the woods on the banks of the reservoir was extremely pleasant. This route was taken from the map and further adjusted as we walked round it. A concessionary path near Great Easton enabled us to cut out some road walking. The day ended sitting in the sunshine with a drink at the Old White Hart at Lydyington.

Walk rating - Good

Rising Waters - Walk 07b/2005 - 27th March

This walk did not take place

Easter in the Lakes - Walk 07a/2005 - 25/28th March

See Event Reports

Walk rating - Spectacular

Kite Country - Walk 06/2005 - 13th March

We had hardly got out of the cars and a pair of Red Kite appeared from behind the nearby roof tops in Northend. With up to 5 foot wings spans they were an awe inspiring sight. Red Kite viewing continued to be the main occupation of the day as this walk took us around a scenic part of the Chilterns. We sat and had lunch overlooking the picture book village of Turville. A truly memorable day but a tiring one for some of our first time walkers. I hope they have recovered OK.

Walk rating - Fantastic

Dove Stone Reservoir, Ashway Rocks and Chew Reservoir - Walk 05/2005 - 27th February

There was not much interest in the advertised walk over towards Manchester, perhaps due to the snow lurking about. As Alan and Stuart had already walked it, we decided to do a closer walk near Carsington in Derbyshire. It was another wintery day and there was some laying snow. But the sun came out and when we stopped for lunch in a sheltered spot, it could have been summer. The ground was very wet underfoot and so progress was sometimes slow. But it was an enjoyable day spent in a part of Debyshire in which we had not often walked.

Walk rating - Average

A Shropshire Hike - Walk 04/2005 - 12-13th February

See the Event Reports page for a write up.

Walk rating - Very Good

Limestone all the way - Walk 03/2005 - 30th January

The was a record turn out of 15 people for this walk on a bright sunny winter's day. Considering we were walking locally we did not find too much mud.

This was a linear walk. We left the cars at Kings Cliffe and walked to Ketton, where we enjoyed tea and cakes at Bev & Stuarts before the car drivers went off to collect the cars.

An enjoyable day although some thought the walk too short at 7 miles.

Walk rating - Average

Higher Poynton, Lyme Park and Bow Stones - Walk 02/2005 - 16th January

No report has been received for this walk.

A New Year Ramble - Walk 01/2005 - 2nd January

There was a good turn out for the first walk of the year with a total of 12 walkers starting off from Ryhall on a bright sunny day. The route chosen goes to Pickworth where we sat by the church to have lunch and to view a non existent lime kiln. An enjoyable day ended with a drink in one of the pubs in Ryhall.

Walk rating - Average

Waterside Wandering - Walk 26/2004 - 12th December

This last walk of the year did not tear many people away from their Christmas shopping. But it got us out in the fresh air and concluded with a pint of disappointing quality at the Noel Arms in Whitwell.

Walk rating - Average (bearing in mind location)

Bakewell, Haddon Hall and Chatsworth - Walk 25/2004 - 5th December

This walk was memorable as it included a walk through Edensor, a stone built village that is well kept and appeared to have been unchanged with time. Lunch was taken overlooking Chatsworth House and the day finished for those not in a rush to getback with tea in Bakewell.

Walk rating - Good

The Forgotten Village - Walk 24/2004 - 21st November

This walk didn't take place as we were unable to find a walk leader.

Kinder Scout from Hayfield - Walk 23/2004 - 7th November

Two full cars set off for this autumn walk. Unfortunately it turned out to be one of those days when the low cloud stayed all day so as we climbed up onto the edge of Kinder, there was constant moisture in the air. There were little in the way of views, but there was some water flowing over Kinder Downfall which made a change. With only one climb this walk was not too tiring.

We stopped off for tea at the teashop in Baslow on the way back.

Walk rating - Average

Edge of the Wilderness - Walk 22/2004 - 24th October

After some trouble finding our way through Kinver village to the start point, a short steep climb up Holy Austin rock brought us out to a lovely 360 degree view point, including Long Mynd where we had walked earlier in the year. Views from Kinver Edge are restricted by forest but at this time of year the autumnal colours made up for it. The walk descended to continue through rolling hills, pasture, old natural woodland, hidden pools and even a stately hall thrown in. We also had to be marshalled across one field due to a clay pigeon shoot taking place. We were told they were shooting in the opposite direction although on a couple of occasions we thought we heard buckshot landing amongst the crops that we were walking through. We didn't hang around!

All in all a very nice walk, especially at this time of year.

Walk Rating - Good

Report by Graham

Sleepy Cotswolds Footpaths - Walk 21/2004 - 10th October

Twelve of us set off along the Windrush Way from Bourton following the river. The trees were beginning to take on their autumn tints and gardens were full of berries and rich colours. The route takes in the attractive Cotswold villages of Naunton, Upper Slaughter and Lower Slaughter and interesting sights along the way included an old dovecote and the mill at Lower Slaughter. A pleasant saunter through some very attractive countryside.

Report by Jane

Weekend in Scotland - Walk 20~1/2004 - 25-28th September

A report of the weekend is included on the Event Reports page.

Hidden Charms - Walk 20~2/2004 - 26th September

With half the club away in Scotland there was no support for this alternative walk.

Lantern Pike and Cown Edge - Walk 19/2004 - 12th September

A small group, an early start, and a shorter walk left plenty of time for a relaxed pint in the Grouse Inn and still be home at a reasonable hour. The walk itself was an easy stroll through rolling hills, without Stuart's usual hard climbs, although the walk may have benefited had Lantern Pike summit been included. The views were pleasant although not spectacular.

Walk Rating - Average

Report by Graham

Staffordshire Circuit - Walk 18/2004 - 31st August

We started this walk in slightly the wrong place because the road we had intended to go up had been made one way. Nevertheless we started in the Goyt Valley and crossed over the moor to Three Shires Head, the third time we had been there this year. The scenery was quite good as usual for the White Peak. The day finished with tea in Ashbourne.

Walk Rating - Average for the White Peak

Baa Humbug - Walk 17/2004 - 15th August

We split into two groups for this walk. The more casual walkers doing about 8 miles whilst the sadists went for the full 15. Both walks took in part of the Long Mynd - a ridge of hills with good views. Having completed their walk, the casual walkers had to go to a pub to wait for the others. When the pub closed, they had to move onto a tea shop as the sadists still hadn't returned.

We all decided that this was an attractive part of the country and we made a note to arrange a walk in the area next year.

Walk Rating - Very Good.

Castleton Round - Walk 16/2004 - 1st August

It was a little hazy as we drove up to Derbyshire but as it warmed up after lunch we were glad that we were only walking 8 miles and that the walk was fairly flat. The walk starts by going up Cave Dale out of Castleton. This constitutes the main climb of the day so it was fairly easy going after that. A warm summers day was finished off with a pot of tea and for some lemon drift cake in the tea shop in Castleton.

A fairly easy walk for a change in the White Peak.

Walk Rating - Average

Bleaklow Head and Higher Shelf Stones - Walk 15/2004 - 18th July

This walk from Glossop up to Bleaklow Head goes across the edge of Bleaklow Moor and the GPS navigation system recently acquired by Stuart and Graham proved very useful in navigating across the open moor where there were no footpaths.

Trevor had the misfortune to twist his knee and fell to the ground in agony. Cathy and her friend Paul thought he had had a heart attack and being trained medics were about to go go to work on him until I explained the he had only twisted his knee. Sorry about that, Trevor, next time perhaps for mouth to mouth from Cathy!

Further along we hit a patch of bog. Joan sank in up to her knees and had to be hauled out. Whilst this was happening Trevor also hit a soft patch and sank to his knees. After a bit of struggling everybody crossed the boggy bit, Alan by then having decided to don his gaiters.

It was also a day when we came across a walker dressed in every day casual wear carrying a polythene bag. Despite his dress he got to the Snake Inn before we did.

An enjoyable day finished off with a drink at the Snake Inn.

Walk rating - Good

The River Dane - Walk 14/2004 - 4th July

We split into two groups for this walk. One doing a reasonably gentle 8 miles the other going for the full 13 miles. Fantastic organisation (and some speed walking by Stuart and Graham) resulted in both groups starting and finishing at the same time. The slow group managed to arrive just in time for a lunch stop at Three Shires Head. This is a very picturesque setting for lunch and is also the lunch spot we used on the Shutlingsloe walk earlier in the year. Val thought it was fantastic all over again because, as we had approached from a different direction, she didn't realise we were in the same place! The weather was variable with one sleet shower making Stuart wish he hadn't worn shorts. But it was generally dry.

Everybody appeared to enjoy the walk following which we stopped for a quick drink before travelling home.

Walk rating - Good

Berney Arms and Breydon Water- Walk 13/2004 - 20th June

There were 12 of us for this walk which takes in the wide open landscapes of the marshes around Breydon Water. The walk out to Breydon Water led us through a field of frisky bullocks and past the very isolated railway station named after the Bernay Arms public house. We reached the pub before opening time but sat outside watching the boats go by until it opened.

The return walk was memorable for the stunning demonstration of flying by the swifts and swallows as they fed off butterflies flittering alongside the path.

As we returned across the marshes, Mick sprained his ankle on one of the ruts. Fortunately he was able to walk sufficiently to get back to the car. But it was a gentle reminder that you don't need to be up on the moors to be in an isolated locaton some way from the nearest road.

Walk rating - Good (unless you only like hills)

Walking in Wales - Walk 12/2004 - 4th-6th June

See Report in "Event Reports".

Longdendale Edges from Crowden - Walk 11/2004 - 23rd May

We split up into two groups for this walk, with the more easy going walkers missing out the part of the walk to the north of the Longdendale Valey. By doing the walk in the opposite direction we were able to meet up en route at about lunchtime and complete the rest of the walk together. By waiting for the rest of the group, Alan and Trevor did not have to tackle the problem of navigating cross country over the moor, as Stuart has recently bought a GPS and it made this part much easier.

I have done this walk three times now and each time it dismays me how the massive pylons have ruined an otherwise pleasant valley.

Walk rating - Average (due to the pylons)

Froggatt Edge, Burbage Edge and Padley Gorge - Walk 10/2004 - 9th May

Good views for most of this walk but with some woodland walking and with the tea shop at Grindleford Station at the end.

Walk rating - Good

On Top of Bredon Hill - Walk 09/2004 - 25th April

Report awaited

Easter in the Lake District - Walk 08/2004 - 9th to 12th April

See the "Event Reports" page.

Where Eagles Dared - Walk 07/2004 - 28th March

We split into two groups for this walk which starts from the Fairholmes car park near the Derwent reservoir. Mick and Stuart set off as soon as possible to tackle the 16 mile option. The rest of us settled for the more leisurely 10 miles. As usual when walking in these areas, the views were great. We had lunch at the top of the climb at Alport Castles before going onto the ridge to take in the scenery. When we got back to the car park, we had about a half hour wait for the return of the long distance walkers; Mick looking none the worse for his day keeping up with Stuart. The weather was fine and we were able to make use of the kiosk at the car park to have a cup of tea whilst waiting.

Walk rating - Very Good

Vikings on a Wold Rampage - Walk 06/2004 - 14th March

This walk includes some fairly good views and we discovered a very picturesque unspoilt valley which makes the Lincolnshire Wolds an interesting place to visit from time to time. The weather however was not kind. After the wind tried to blow us off the hill top, and a bit of sun, we got drenched just before getting back to the cars.

Walk rating - Average

Weekend in the Yorkshire Dales - Walk 05/2004 - Arkengarthdale and Fremington Edge - 28 - 29th February

Nine of us went on the Yorkshire weekend, braving the snow falls and bitterly cold winds. The walk started in Reeth and a quick ascent onto Reeth Low Moor, during which some of the shorter walkers were at risk of disappearing into the snow drifts. On the moor there were clear views of the snow covered hills before we dropped down to Arkle and a short but pleasant stroll alongside the river. After lunch it was the climb, including a snow filled gully, onto Fremington Edge. Sadly the views from Fremington Edge are spoilt due to a high stone wall running along the entire length, it would probably be better to do this walk in reverse, to get some of the up the valley from Fremington Edge. Despite this, in the pub everyone agreed that it had been an excellent walk, especially with all that snow.


Walk rating - Very Good

Seal and Ashop Edges - Walk 04/2004 - 15th February

This walk starts with the climb up onto the edge of the Kinder Scout plateau and then goes along the two edges with fine views all the way. The last time we were here there was snow in the gullies. This time there was not much but we did come across some.

The route joins the Pennine Way for a short distance before returning along the Snake Path to the Snake Inn.

A deceptively demanding walk and there were afew tired legs by the time we got back to the cars.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Ashford in the Water, Longstone Villages and Monsal Dale - Walk 03/2004 - 1 February

Another good turn out for this walk of 15. We spilt into two groups just after leaving Ashford. One group climbing up to Sheldon and round through Deep Dale. The others took the easier route along the River Wye. We met up again for lunch at Monsal Head. From here the route does through Little and Great Longstone before returing to Ashford.

Recent rain had turned the rivers and streams into raging torrents which proved a spectacle at various points along the route.

The large number of walkers caused a problem in finding a tea shop large enough to take us at the end of the walk. We went into Bakewell and eventually found one which took most of us. Here we learnt the difference between Bakewell Tart and Bakewell Pudding.

Walk rating - Good

Roach Attach ..... Aargh - Walk 02/2004 - 18th January

8 am at Travelex, the sun is out, the frost is crisp and the prospect of a great days walking is on offer. The sixteen walkers in total, (I think one of the largest turnouts ever) head off to the Roaches. All was fine until we approached Leek, then the fog descended.

The walk started from a fog bound Meerbrook, well more accurately, Tittesworth Reservoir car park. We were faced with the first dilemma of the day - follow the road or take the scenic route. The scenic route won and in no time at all we were out of the fog. Having made our first wrong turn; that bridge definitely was not modern, but we could blame the weather. With breathtaking views opening up behind us, and the very friendly locals offering route advice from the off, they were only being helpful!

From here on in, it was rather uneventful. Lunch or was that elevenses, was taken huddled in a ditch just past Gun. With the weather still clear, every so often a glimpse of the previous night's weather was presented. No more so than at our arrival just above Turner's Pool. From a distance the water looked calm and tranquil and on closer inspection this was the result of the centre being frozen.

Stuart proposed a short cut to make up some time but was out voted. Less than fifteen minutes later everyone wished they'd listened to Stuart as we yomped through waterlogged fields to get to Buxton Brow and our rather late lunch stop.

To make up time, it was decided that a short cut was in order to allow us to finish in daylight. This would mean returning another day to visit Lud's Church but it got us to The Roaches with plenty of daylight. The step-ish ascent, just showed how unfit some people really are especially Mick. Although to his credit he did predict and with a cunning plan to make sure, he was the last man up the hill, he was as good as his word.

The path along The Roaches is rocky but provides some of the best views in the whole of the White Peak. However the descent from there down to Windygates is not for the faint hearted and it's wise not to attempt it at dusk, so all were pleased we had decided to take the earlier shortcut and get down with plenty of light. It may have been a mad scramble in places and if it were not for the local geology (Millstone Grit) it could have been a lot worse.

From the bottom of The Roaches it was a short meander through yet more waterlogged fields back to the reservoir and the cars.

Another walk for the club completed and our thanks to the usual suspects for their tireless work plus also many thanks to everyone else who attended for making this a very enjoyable walk and we hope to see all new member again soon.

Thanks go to Mick for a super walk report. Perhaps we should re-introduce the prize for the best report.

Walk rating - Good

A Social Walk in Greater Peterborough - Walk 01/2004 - 4th January

No walk report has been submitted for this walk but it is understood Katie hurt her leg, could not complete the walk and is now in plaster. Get well soon Katie.

A Rutland Round - Walk 27/2003 - 21st December

Apparently no takers for this walk which is surprising when considering the numbers coming on recent walks. But the weather forecast was pretty bad.

Longnor, Earl Sterndale, Chrome Hill and Hollinsclough- Walk 26/2003 - 7th December

We started this walk at Longnor and walked to Hollinsclough before walking around Chrome Hill and approaching from the north. On the way we stopped for coffee at the usual spot in a sheltered valley by a packhorse bridge. It became evident that Tony was right out of Jaffa cakes whilst others were taunting him with packets.

As we approached Chrome Hill we split into two parties - those walking over and those walking round. We met up for lunch on the other side.

We walked back to Longnor through Earl Sterndale. Once back in Longnor, the pub proved an irresistible pull, where Alan proceeded to criticise the service and beer whilst unwittingly being sat next to the publican!

Walk Rating - Good

The Yew Tree Avenue & surrounding area - Walk 25/2003 - 23rd November

For a weekend when nothing but rain was forecast, we were extremely lucky. The morning, although overcast, was dry and we had finished our lunch and were nearing completion before the rain started. The walk started along Yew Tree Avenue and after confirming that there was no access at the end, we circled back though the woods, past the car park and up an un-named track before we finally found a way-marked footpath. We proceeded up to Castle Bytham before turning west and then south through Little Haw Wood to Clipstone. We found some convenient logs to sit on in the woods for lunch. On arriving at the Olive Branch pub with very muddy feet and the rain starting, we decided to walk back to the cars to change our shoes before ensconcing ourselves in the bar for a drink.

This was a muddy walk which is often the case at this time of year. But it got us out into the fresh air and we didn't get as wet as we thought we might.

Walk Rating - Below Average

Derwent Edges from Fairholmes - Walk 24/2003 - 9th November

We had a good crowd of 10 walkers for this autumn climb up onto the Derwent Edges from the Fairholmes car park. The weather was a little misty so we could not make the most of the views. The rain kept off long enough for us to get back to the cars. We finished the day in the warmth of the Hitch & Hike tearoom at Bamford.

Walk Rating - Good

Snowdonia, North Wales - Walk 23/2003 - 24-26th October

See "Event Reports"

Shutlingsloe from Tegg's Nose Country Park- Walk 22/2003 - 12th October

The increasing number of walkers is allowing us to split into two groups for walks such as this where the full distance is 13 miles over hilly terrain. We had 5 volunteers for the "short" walk ( or alternatively that might read "slow" walk)and 4 for the full distance. For this particular walk, we decided to start at different points but make each route coincide for most of the way. This worked well when we all arrived at Three Shires Head for lunch at the same time. All the walkers made it to the top of Shutlingsloe, some no doubt faster than others. From the lunch spot, we climbed out of the valley and across the moor to the Cat and Fiddle Inn for a quick drink (reputedly the second highest pub in the country) . They serve hot gluhwein here which must go down well on colder days than this. From the pub there are still a few ups and downs to test the legs before reaching the respective starting points. The timing worked well again when we reached the meeting point within a quarter of an hour of each other. This walk has an exellent variety of scenery and proved again why it is a Club favourite.

Walk Rating - Very good.

Clumber Park and Sherwood Forest - Walk 21/2003 - 28th September

A year best turnout of ten walkers, including our newest members, the two Helen's and Dmitry, enjoyed a beautifully warm and sunny end of summer walk. The day started in Clumber Park, strolling alongside the lake before heading off through a mixture of fields, farm tracks and woods. We then re-entered Clumber Park where from Clumber Bridge there were pleasant views along the length of the lake. The route for this walk was 'home made' and everybody seemed to enjoy the day.

Walk Rating - Pleasant

Beresford Dale, Wolfcote Dale, Thor's Cave and Ecton Hill - Walk 20/2003 - 14th September

We decided to start this walk at Alstonefield so that two of us could do a shorter route. We walked to Wetton and on to Wettonmill before splitting up during the climb out of the Manifold Valley but then met up again temporarily on the edge of Ecton Hill. Some followed the main route to Hartington whilst the intrepid two made our way back to Alstonefield. The climb up Gipsy Band proved a test for most coming near the end of the walk. There are good views on this walk and the pint at the end was very welcome.

Walk rating - very good

Marsden and Standedge - Walk 19/2003 - 31st August

This walk starts alongside the Huddersfield Narrow Canal and then steadily climbs up onto Marsden Moor where we joined the Pennine Way. There were good views as we walked along Standedge and we found a spot with a view to have lunch. The turning off of the Pennine Way onto the Standedge Trail proved difficult to find but we eventually got on the right track back towards Marsden. However the most difficult piece of map reading came at the end where we did not find the correct path back into the town. The Railway Inn provided a well positioned watering hole before we started back.

Walk rating - Average

Nelson's Boyhood Home and Holkham Park - Walk 18/2003 - 17th August

The good weather continues and it's another great day for walking. Warm and sunny but being near the coast just enough breeze not to get too hot. There was a good turn out for this walk, a total of eight with four walkers new to the Club. When we arrived in Burnham Overy Staith, there appeared to be a regatta in full swing so we could not park in the village centre. The route took us away from the coast to Burnham Thorpe which is Nelson's birth place. On the way we came across a herd of heffers crammed into a fenced-in gateway, blocking the exit from a field. Some strategic herding from the walk leader soon solved the problem! We turned east towards Holkham Park where we sat in the sun on the banks of the lake to have lunch. As we passed through the Park grounds we spotted herds of deer, but they kept their distance. The inn at the entrance to the Park provided a timely stopping point for a pint. During the conversation, Alan C said to Debra (one of the new walkers), what sounded like "You highlight your roots, then do you?" Alan P pondered this for a while thinking it rather a personal question of a new walker who Alan C had only just met. He then realised that Alan C was referring to the fact that Debra was using a highlighter pen to mark up the route on a map!

The route then leads to the rear of the beach where we turned west and walked through the fringe woodland. This unwittingly caused us to avoid walking across a naturist's beach; much to the annoyance of some members of the party. We did hit the beach eventually and walked along this until we reached the path which returns to Burnham Overy Staithe along the top of the flood embankment. The ice cream van proved a welcome sight at the end of an enjoyable walk.

Walk rating - Good

Hope, Jagger's Clough, Edale and Lose Hill - Walk 17/2003 - 3rd August

I missed this walk and haven't received a walk report from anybody. I did hear however that a new walker found he wasn't as fit as he thought he was and the party had to split into two so that he could be escorted down.

Off with his head - Walk 16/2003 - 20th July

It was just as well this was an easy walk as the glorious hot day would have made more a more strenuous walk very uncomfortable. The walk starts in a northerly direction high above the banks of the River Trent. Unfortunately the tree cover between us and the river interupted the view and we wondered whether the path alongside the river might have been a better option. The path then drops down into the flood plain and becomes difficult to follow. As we turned away from the river, there followed a lot of walking across fields in some of which we had to plough a way through over-ripe rape plants. The pub at Car Coiston is beautifully situated by the village cricket pitch and the stop for a pint was the highlight of the day.

Walk rating - Average

Lazy Sheringham - Walk 15/2003 - 4-6th July

See Event Reports

The Charm of Charnwood - Walk 14/2003 - 22nd June

The large car park at Mount St Bernard Abbey mad parking easy. After crossing over part of Blackbrook Reservoir, we turned south to Oaks in Charnwood passing close to the local scouts campsite where we were invited to join the jungle trail. We declined being fearful of meeting Shere Kahn. As usual when walking near quarries, the footpath had been diverted and following the route was not straightforward. We reached Old Rise Rocks for lunch after which we climbed up Bardon Hill to reach the highest point in Leicestershire. The Bulls Head Inn in Abbots Oak provided a suitably placed pub before returning to the start.

Walk rating - Average

Tideswell, Chee Dale and Miller's Dale - Walk 13/2003 - 8th June

This walk retraced some of one of the most memorable Club walks, when the stepping stones along Chee Dale were six inches under the water causing a few problems in progressing. On this occasion the water level was lower and the stepping stones stood proud of the water. The lower flow enabled us to watch the trout biding their time in the clear water. A good example of how the same walk can offer different things at different times of the year. The tea shop in Tideswell proved irresistible at the end particularly the cream teas!

Walk rating - Very Good

Crowden, Black Hill and Laddow Rocks - Walk 12/2003 - 25th May

The walk started in damp conditions as we left the bacon butty van alone and headed steeply out of Crowden car park. After a brief respite in the gradient the weather turned wetter as we once again climbed steeply to the top of Black Hill, although we did miss the intended path to the top (we blamed the route notes and not our navigational skills). Once Black Hill was conquered it was as the walk notes promised with some fine bog trotting across the high moors before connecting on to the Pennine Way and dropping down to sunnier climes and gradually back to the car park. Regretfully the bacon butty van had gone.

All in all a very enjoyable walk.


Walk rating - Good

The Family Way - Walk 11/2003 - 11th May

This was a pleasant enough walk for its location providing some good views of undulating Northamptonshire countryside. The ground was very dry and this probably meant that we avoided some muddy field crossings.

Walk rating - Average

Stanage Edge from Hathersage - Walk 10/2003 - 27th April

The weather was kind to us with only one small shower. Otherwise it was a sunny day for this walk along Stanage and Burbage Edges. A walk with fine views for most of the way, some pleasant scenery on the way in and out of Hathersage and the Swimming Pool cafe at the end.

Walk rating - Very good

Easter in the Lake District - Walk 09/2003 - 18th - 21st April

See Event Reports

Kinder Downfall from Edale - Walk 08/2003 - 13th April

This walk starts with a climb up Crowden Brook which is quite hard going. Once the edge of Kinder is reached, most of the climbing has been done. Jill and Alan accompanied us up to here where we stopped for lunch. They then took a more casual route back down than the one the rest of us followed. Our route took us across the top of Kinder to Kinder Downfall. So named for the water falling over it, on this occasion it was totally dry. This was followed by treks across Brown Knoll and Rushup Edge. The peat was much drier than the last time we had come this way and the going was a lot easier. In fact the problem was peat blowing our eyes. We met up again with Jill and Alan at the tea shop at Hitch and Hike.

Walk rating - good

Tissington, Parwich, Fenny Bentley and Thorpe Cloud - Walk 07/2003 - 30th March

This was the day the clocks went forward. And guess who didn't realise. And I had carefully prepared the short cut I was going to make to cut out the slog up Thorpe Cloud at the end. Anyway I understand it was a good walk.

Blickling Park and the Upper Bure Valley - Walk 06/2003 - 16th March

This was a beautiful sunny day for a walk around Blickling Park and beyond in Norfolk. Interupted by a visit to the remote Saracen's Head pub which served excellent beer and concluded at the Blickling House tea shop where one of the party could not resist a cream tea.

Walk rating - Below average.

Alport Dale and the Woodlands Valley - Walk 05/2003 - 2nd March

This walk starts in the Woodlands Valley at the upstream end of Ladybower Reservoir. We could not park at Alport Bridge where the walk starts so we parked further up the valley and started at a different place on the walk. In the car park, we noted the mobile kiosk selling tea and snacks for our return. The first part of the walk involved some pleasant walking along the Woodlands Valley and Alport Dale to Alport Farm before we got to the climb up past Alport Castles and onto Westend Moor. The going was particularly difficult here because of the peat clefts. It was at this point however that we had the memorable site of an artic hare racing over the moor. After crossing Alport Low, we joined up with the Pennine Way to Doctors Gate before returning to the car where to our dismay we found the kiosk had disappeared so no tea. This would have been a very good walk but for road walking on the A57 at the end.

Walk rating - Good.

Bed & Breakfast Walking, Hartington - Walk 04/2003 - 16th February

See Event Reports

A novel idea - Walk 03/2003 - 2nd February

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, the recent snow had cleared by the time we went on this walk. A shame as it would have made it more interesting. A chill wind blew which reminded us we were still in winter. This was a walk around the Leicestershire countryside mainly along field edges and generally wet underfoot. However, there were some reasonable views in places.

Walk Rating - below average

Elton, Birchover, Stanton Moor and Winster - Walk 02/2003 - 19th January

The weather did not look very promising as we set off from Peterborough but by the time we arrived at the isolated parking space, the rain had eased off. Later the sun came out and it was good walking weather. This walk passes the Druids Inn in Birchover, which is a good pub for walkers, but on this occasion we walked on by. The highlights of the walk were Robin Hood's Stride, a high rocky outcrop, and the top of Stanton Moor both of which offered great views. At the end of the walk, we tried out the tea shop in Elton which provided suitable refreshment.

Walk Rating - Good.

Hope, Win Hill and Ladybower Reservoir - Walk 01/2003 - 5th January

What a start to the year!

There had been snow around during the week and when we arrived in Derbyshire we found there was sufficient snow to give a white landscape. The sun was shining and the sky blue. Ideal walking conditions except that it was very slippery in places.

The initial climb up Win Hill is hard work but once this was achieved, we could make the most of the fantastic wintery landscape.

When we arrived at Ladybower Reservoir, there was no breeze and the water was just like a mirror reflecting the snow-capped hills behind - fantastic.

Colin had chosen this as his first walk, so what a start for him. Please don't expect all walks to be as good as this.

Walk Rating - Great

Thatches, Matches and Dispatches - Walk 25/2002 - 22nd December

A local walk in Rutland. Richard and Debbie were the only takers for this walk but I do not know if they did it.

Chrome Hill from Longnor - Walk 24/2002 - 8th December

Plenty of Peak District views on this walk although rather taxing for us older citizens. The cup of tea in Longnor tea-shop was certainly appreciated as darkness fell.

Walk Rating - Good

There's an Old Mill - Walk 23/2002 - 24th November

A pleasant walk around the St Ives area. Rather flat to get any views but it got us out in the fresh air

Walk Rating - Average

Sherwood's Heart - Walk 22/2002 - 10th November

I did not attend this walk but understand that it was enjoyable.

Walk Rating - Average

Thor's Cave and Manifold Valley - Walk 21/2002 - 27th October

I do not think this walk took place.

Walking in the Mendips - Walk 20/2002 - 13th October

This weekend took place, but I can recall little of the walking.

Tunnel of Love - Walk 19/2002 - 29th September

Having been remiss to keep the web-site up to date, I am struggling to remember walks in this period. So apologies if I get it wrong. For this weekend, I don't think there were any takers for this walk.

Dry Stone Walling - Walk 18/2002 - 15th September

A local walk which circuits the quarry at Ketton.

Walk Rating - Average (for this part of the country)

Village Quartet - Walk 17/2002 - 1st September

We made the mistake of going near Chatsworth on our way to this walk and got caught up in traffic for over an hour. However the walk made up for it, once we had got there. It starts with a steep climb, but after that there is some easier walking with good views most of the time. The walk goes through the villages of Sheldon, Monyash, Flagg and Taddington. It was a hot day and in Monyash it was decided to go and find the shop for drinks and a ginormous ice cream. This detour must have put half a mile on the distance but nobody seemed to mind. There are 45 stiles on this walk so as a mini steeplechase it was good for fitness.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Having It All - Walk 16/2002 - 18th August

This walk takes in part of the Stour estuary where there are some decent views and bird life and then returns to walk along the banks of Alton Water - an Anglian Water Reservoir. Whilst the weather started fine, it deteriorated whilst we had stopped at the pub and we curtailed the second part of the walk. However for Fiona, a prospective new member, the distance was sufficient for her first outing.

Walk Rating - Good

The Saddleworth Edges - Walk 15/2002 - 4th August

This walk starts at the edge of one of the Dove Stone Reservoirs, climbs up the valley and onto Saddleworth Edges from where there are good views. This also provided a scenic spot for lunch. However the walk up the valley was not as straight forward as one might think. There had been heavy rain in the previous week and the bridge taking the track over the stream had washed away. The water level was still high and we spent some trying to find a way across the rocks without getting our feet wet. The walk continues as far as Chew Reservoir, before turning back towards the starting point. As we passed the lower reservoir, we found a convenient ice cream van. This walk passes four dams so Alan was in his element as some of the dams had some rather unique features for the UK.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Sheringham Park and Pretty Corner - Walk 14/2002 - 21st July

This walk started in Sheringham Park, a National Trust property, from where we followed the red route along open tracks through woodland and then open ground to the coastal path. Although the route instructions say to follow the red route, it appeared that the red route may have changed since the OS walk guide had been published as it went a different way. As we walked along, every so often the train from the North Norfolk railway steamed by. The coastal path takes in some breathtaking views of the cliffs and we stopped near the coast guard station for lunch from where we had a stunning view back along the coast. After walking along the promenade through Sheringham, we climbed the cliffs on the far side to gain views over Cromer before heading inland and up Beeston Hill. We lost the route slightly here and went the wrong way round the quarry. Nevertheless we got back on track before reaching Pretty Corner where we stopped for tea in the nearby tea shop. From here we went through Upper Sheringham to get back into Sheringham Park and the car park. This was an excellent walk with a bit of everything and definitely one we must repeat in the future. The ideal time would be when the rhododendrons are out or (to meet Alan T's preference) when the sweet chestnuts are falling.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Permissive Times - Walk 13/2002 - 7th July

There were no takers for this Coast-to-Coast alternative of a 7.5 mile walk near Sleaford.

Way to Go - Walk 12/2002 - 23rd June

A disappointing walk for Norfolk.

Walk Rating - Below Average

Ain't half a challenge - Walk 11/2002 - 9th June

And it certainly was. 14 miles in the peak district is a challenge to most of us. But it didn't stop 6 people turning out for this walk. The weather was variable and a stop in a pub came at convenient time in a rain shower to help us dry off. The walk included typical Peak District scenery.

Walk Rating - Good

Who needs Hills? - Walk 10/2002 - 26th May

Well apparently most people or was it the fact that it was pouring down with rain.

Multum in Parvo - Walk 09/2002 - 12th May

I think five people went on this 8 mile walk near Uppingham but I have no details - Richard?

Mills, Thrills and Witches - Walk 08/2002 - 28th April

There was no support for this 9 mile alternative to this weekend's stretch of the Coast-to-Coast.

Take it away - Walk 07/2002 - 14th April

There were no takers for this 7.5 mile walk in Northants.

Eyam, Highlow, River Derwent and Stoney Middleton - Walk 06/2002 - 17th March

No report was written for this walk walk but it was undertaken by three intrepid walkers and is remembered as being typical of walking in the Derbyshire Dales.

 Walk Rating - Good

A place to Wandle - Walk 05/2002 - 3rd March

This was a pleasant walk in the Cambridgeshire countryside. The walk starts and ends at Wandlebury which is the site of a prehistoric fort and the location is famous for breeding the first Southdown sheep. The route gives views of the impressive Babraham Hall and laboratory buildings.

 Walk Rating - Average

Worcestershire Rambling - Walk 04/2002 - 17th February

For this walk we decided to walk south along the side of the Malvern ridge from the Youth Hostel. This was mainly along wooded paths. Althought we kept gradually climbing, the top of ridge always seemed far above us. Once we were within sight of the south end of the ridge we turned back so that we could walk back along the crest of the ridge. This meant we had great views as we progressed between the series of peaks. Once at the highest point, we selected what proved to be a gentle descent back towards Malvern. As we neared civilisation, we came across St Anne's Well which is a natural spring built into a well house the rest of which comprises a cafe and bar. We sat outside and had a "well" earned cup of tea and piece of cake before completing the rest of the route back to the car to complete an enjovable days walking.

 Walk Rating - Good

Wings of a Dove - Walk 03/2002 - 3rd February

Despite forecasts of heavy rain all week, the only bit we encountered was on the journey up to Derbyshire. Dove Dale looked as welcoming as usual although there was no chance of crossing the river on the stepping stones as half of them were submerged due to recent heavy rain. The dippers were out in force and we saw three before we had even reached Milldale. Then on to the Gypsy Bank - always a challenge to sort the men from the boys - or from the girls in this case - with Stuart and Graham tackling it like mountain goats and Jackie and Jane bringing up the rear. But we got there in the end. Then on to Alstonfield, and somehow sitting outside The George didn't look quite so inviting in February. On the way to Stanshope there was the beautiful sight of snowdrops growing by the side of the track in great numbers. Through Castern, with the wind blowing keenly, and down to Illam Hall and just as we reached the homeward path across some very muddy fields, the sun broke through and we finished the walk in bright sunshine. The DYW guide said it had been 12 miles, Jane's Digiwalker said 8 (much to Stuart's amusement!), so we compromised at 10. Then it was ice creams all round to complete a wonderful day.

 Walk Rating - Above Average

A Gift from the Glaciers - Walk 02/2002 - 20th January

This walk started in Louth in the Lincolnshire Wolds. Although there were several muddy fields, there were two beautiful steep-sided wooded valleys that have been formed by glacial meltwaters. One of these valleys contained some giant redwoods. We think we also saw some whale bones forming part of an old gateway but were they whale or bits of old wood? The walk just creeps into the "above average" category due to the existence of a tea shop near the end which was open at this time of year.

 Walk Rating - Above Average

On the Village Greene - Walk 01/2002 - 6th January

This walk got us out in the fresh air after the Christmas break but it contained a lot of muddy fields so does not get a high rating.

 Walk Rating - Below Average