Thai Meal, Saturday 14th October 2006

For this meal we visited the Yin Dee Thai restaurant on Lincoln Road which is just round the corner from the Brewery Tap where we met up for a quick beer before hand (we will surely miss the Brewery Tap if it does get demolished). There were 10 of us and we all enjoyed the meal although not always knowing exactly what is was we were eating.

Weekend in Yorkshire Dales, Friday 6th to Sunday 8th October 2006. . . . . . . . . Photos

This event turned out to be about the most successful one ever held by the club. With 15 people staying at the youth hostel, one in local B and B and another two visitors (Alan and Jill who had moved up to Yorkshire came to walk with us), the total number of participants was 18.

After travelling up on the Friday at varying times, we all managed to get to the Lister Arms (right next to the hostel) for a drink before closing time. On Saturday our walk started with Malham Cove and continued into a circuit of about 11 miles. On Sunday we did a shorter walk visiting Janet’s Foss and Gordale Scar.

Memorable points in the weekend were the use of the term “dippo” and people having problems getting their clothes on correctly. Bryony nearly ended up with her shoes on the wrong feet until spotted by hawkeyed Bev, and someone to remain nameless wearing their over-trousers back to front.

An enjoyable weekend summed up by one piece of feedback - “ it was like being in one big extended family”.

Beer Festival, Friday 25th August 2006

Amongst the throngs, we did manage to find four members of the Walking Club supping the array of beers, wines and ciders on offer. A great evening out for beer lovers.

Barbecue, Saturday 5th August 2006

It was a warm sunny day for the barbecue which was held at Bev and Stuart’s which meant a full range of paddling pools was available for anybody fancing a dip. As usual there was confusion over what time we were cooking and eating; some thinking it was dinner and others tea. But it didn’t really matter. There were about 16 people in total.

Beer by Rail, Saturday 24th June 2006

Again the weather was kind to us. Six of us met in the Great Northern Hotel. There was a band competition going on at the Grainstore Brewery in Oakham so that provided some interesting entertainment. We were joined by Judith, Bev and Stuart in Stamford.

A merry time was had by all and some good beer drunk. (Bev said she had been in training for the day!)

Finishing in Peterborough, we went to the Brewey Tap for a final pint and a Thai meal.

Weekend in Pembrokeshire, Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th June 2006

Thursday - Day 1

An early start from Peterborough and only a short break enroute had the advance party i.e. no Alan, sitting on Dale beach for lunch basking in wonderful sunshine.

A circular clockwise walk around St Ann’s head followed taking in the lovely beach at Watwick Bay, passing the 1485 landing site of Henry Tudor on his way to the Battle of Bosworth finally reaching Westdale Bay, another fine beach. A short walk across the fields brought us back to Dale.

Friday - Day 2

A pleasant bus returned us to Dale and a linear walk back to Broad Haven and the Youth Hostel replaced the planned circular walk. According to the handy bus timetable this walk would be about 12 miles plus a bit to get back to Westdale beach were we had finished the evening before. After a couple of hours walking Graham announced that he had miscalculated and the walk would be another 2 ½ miles. We had all day though and the weather was again glorious, plenty of sunshine, calm blue seas and a cooling breeze. The route took in several unspoilt beaches including the impressive Marloes Sands plus views across to Skomer Island, the RSPB reserve. One of the features of coastal walking is all the ‘wiggles’ and by the time we reached Broad Haven beach we were hot and tired. A paddle in the surf along the impressive beach soon revived our aching feet.

Above report by Graham

We stayed at Broadhaven Youth Hostel which proved to be OK. On one evening the meal they cooked was a barbecue - which was different for a Youth Hostel.

Beautiful weather, beautiful scenery, sea like a millpond - this was a great long weekend. We walked about 40 miles of the coastal path and didn't see a single snake.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr yes!

Curry and Beer Evening, Saturday 13th May 2006

Once again this proved to be a popular event with 10 members attending. This year we went to the Shah Jehan in Peterborough, meeting in the Brewery Tap, where we were 'treated' to the rare sight of a man drinking at the bar, completely in the nude except for socks and shoes! The actual meal was very good and we weren't charged for water (unlike last years venue). Graham tried to work out what everybody owed but couldn't work his calculator but with some help from Bev we got there in the end. Afterwards some of us headed off to the Drapers Arms for another alcohol top up.

Report by Graham

Easter in the Lake District, Friday 14th to Monday 17th April 2006

We went up to stay in Derwentwater youth hostel for this weekend. Graham, Debra, her daughter Maisie and Stuart in one car, Alan, Simon and Diane in a second and finally Nigel and Owen. We all arrived at about the same time and the traffic had been very good so it was not long after lunch time.

The youth hostel is very impressive. It stands in an elevated position overlooking Derwentwater. A waterfall tumbles down rocks in the grounds behind the building and is visible as you sit and have meals. A really great setting.

We decided to walk along the lake shore into Keswick where after a quick look round the shops we located a suitable hostelry which proved to have some good beer. We sat outside in the sun until it was time to go back to the hostel for dinner.

The only problem with this hostel is that is not within walking distance of a pub so evenings were spent in the hostel. Maisie practised plenty of pool.

On saturday we split into two groups, both climbing up Grasmore but from different directions. One group walked about 6 miles and the other about 10 miles (also pulling in Grisedale Pike).

On Sunday we again split into two groups, one going up Fairfield and the the other a more local route around the end of Derwentwater.

On Monday the weather had closed in a bit and it started raining. Some still went for a climb up the hill to the rear of the hostel before we started our journey back.

This was an enjoyable weekend as the weather had been good, the scenery great as usual and the situation of the hostel the crowning glory.

Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 12th April 2006

The chairman's report gives a good overview of the year:

"In terms of membership, this year has been one of consolidation. The number of members has hovered between 40 and 50 and is currently 45. So this is the first year for a while that we have not grown in size. Also we have looked closely at the standing of social membership which resulted in the Orbell family of five being removed from the membership list. The committee decided that social members could be treated in the same way as guests with an extra payment when they attend events. This is the subject of a proposed change in the constitution to be considered later in the meeting.

There has been a varied programme of walks in the year with reasonable attendance. There were two walks in the year which did not take place. As mentioned last year, the occurrence of splitting into two groups to cater for varying capabilities has continued and happens quite often.

Our first weekend away in the year was for the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge which resulted in five walkers conquering all three peaks, three achieving two and the Cutforth family one; this being an achievement in itself. But the over-riding achievement was in raising £1,931 for cancer charities. A truly great effort by everybody involved. There is also a quite good write up on the website on this event by Helen.

Other trips away included the Howgills and just recently to a castle in the Forest of Dean; both of which were very enjoyable.

Social events have continued to have mixed success. The beer & curry evening in May was reasonably supported, the rail social was not very well attended (but I personally enjoy these days tremendously), the barbecue was well attended, the beer festival poorly attended and, I believe, five people attended the Greek meal. Both bowling events have been cancelled due to lack of support.

This year for the first time we had the annual meal in March and it was held at the Falcon Inn in Fotheringhay. This was reasonably well attended and those who went enjoyed the evening.

May saw the issue of the 100th edition of the newsletter for which a commemorative issue was prepared. This is available on the website.

Trips planned in the forthcoming year are the Lake District at Easter, the Pembrokeshire coast in June and the Yorkshire Dales in October.

As always I thank those members of the Club who make time available to help on the committee. It is with disappointment that we will lose Helen from the committee after only one year, as her life is moving on. But we hope that we will still see her on events. Thanks also to Dylan for giving us first aid training – the turn out for this was sadly very disappointing.

Overall then, the Club is in pretty good shape and the committee will continue to strive to provide what the members want."

We welcome two new members to the committee. Judith as Special Events Co-ordinator and Nigel as General Secretary. The committee is now constituted as follows:

Chairman - Alan Parsons

General Secretary - Nigel Arkle

Treasurer - Andy Williamson

PR Representative - Jane Blackford

Transport Co-ordinator - Bev Cutforth

Route Planner - Stuart Cutforth

Special Events Co-ordinator - Judith Neal

Editor - Alan Parsons

Membership Secretary - Graham Dear

First Aid training, Saturday 1st April 2006

There was only three of us for this training update - but three first aiders is better than none.

Thanks again to Dylan for giving up his time to coach us.

Bowling, Saturday 18th March 2006

There was no support for this event.

Annual Meal, Saturday 4th March 2006

The annual meal took place at the Flacon Inn in Fotheringhay which is a few miles out to the west of Peterborough. We had a private roon which had a very comforting open coal gas fire and numerous candles. We were provided with our personal waiter who kept nipping backwards and forwards to the kitchens and the bar to keep us supplied with food and drinks.

The food was very good but one of the imprinted memories will be the starched serviettes which took on a life of their own as you tried to manipulate them out of their rigor mortised state.

Thirteen people attended which was disappointing considering we have 45 members.

Bed & Breakfast Walking, Forest of Dean, Staurday 25th and Sunday 26th February 2006

We set off at about 8am from Peterborough and arrived at our castle destination about two and a half hours later. The Youth Hostel was not yet open but we had a quick look around the grounds. We then set off for our first walk. We chose to take the Offa's Dyke path in a northerly direction and created a 6 mile walk from the map. It was a fairly cold day and we were disappointed when we got back to St Briavels that the pubs and the tea shop were all closed. It was not yet 5 o'clock so we had to wait a while until we could get into the Youth Hostel.

The hostel was very impressive although it would have been better with raging open fires. Apparently the chimneys are not safe enough to take open fires. Heating the castle with electric heaters, which we suspect they had only just turned on, meant it wasn't a place for those that like snugness.

After a very filling meal at the hostel we walked to the nearby pub where we managed to squeeze a couple of drinks down.

On retiring, the men at least climbed the stone spiral staircase to their roomy bedroom. It was unfortunate that the bedroom and the loo were on different floors separated by a pitch black spiral staircase. However we all navigated this successfully and survived to walk another day.

The youth hostel disappointd a little on Sunday morning because it did not serve cooked breakfasts. The first time we had come across this. For the walk on Sunday we had selected a walk from a walk book. This took us in the opposite direction along Offa's Dyke before returning. Giving an overall walk of 8 miles.

On our way back we stopped off in Monmouth to grab a drink before returning home.

A very interesting place to stay and well worth a return trip. (See website for photgraphs - eventually)

Bowling, Saturday 12th November 2005

This event had to be cancelled as too many people were doing something else.

Greek Meal, Saturday 15th October 2005

Apparently five people attended this meal which was a little disappointing. However, we understand it was an enjoyable evening with the belly dancer being notable. Any further details awaited.

Weekend in the Howgills, Friday 9th September to Sunday 11th September 2005

We all managed to get up to Hawes in good time on Friday evening to have a drink in one of the pubs.

On Saturday we went for an 11 mile wak starting from Sedburgh. The weather was generally OK although the tops of the hills were shrouded in cloud. So when got to the top of The Calf, we could not see anything.

On Sunday we went for a shorter 6 mile walk but for some reason it took almost as long. We walked up to Cautley Spout. The weather was beautiful and when we stopped for lunch on the top, we stretched out to sun bathe for a while - see pictures.

We stayed in Hawes Youth Hostel which was one of the better ones we have been to although parking was not very easy.

All in all a pleasant area to walk a worth a return visit sometime.

Beer Festival, Friday 26th August 2005

The trouble with meeting at the beer festival, is that there are so many people, if you don't stick together it's easy never to meet up again.

We had no calls to meet at Charters and therefore I am not aware that anyone went there.

At the beer festival, this year Fullers did not have a bar in their usual place and so our pre-determined meeting place was not clear. A message was posted on the web site to clarify the meeting place and in the end a few of us did meet up - more by luck than judgement.

So if we missed you, we apologise for that - better luck next year!

Summer Barbecue, Saturday 6th August 2005

There was a good turn out again for the barbecue on a warm sunny day. The paddling pool kept the kids entertained so that the adults could converse in relative peace.

Bev got carried away with the hair tattoos and applied one to the birthday boy. I have been instructed to put a photograph of this on the web site. But unless someone sends it to me, I unfortunately will not be able to.

Thanks go to Bev and Stuart for making their garden available for the afternoon, for providing the accoutrements and particular thanks from me for the birthday cake with the little walking boots which was excellent.

Social by Rail, Saturday 9th July 2005

We started at the Great Northern Hotel for an initial pint before taking the train to Oakham. Taking advantage of the four for two ticket deal, it cost £3.25 each. First stop the Grainstore Brewery in Oakham for some excellent beer and a snack for lunch. Moving onto Stamford, we visitied the Otters Pocket, the Periwg and the Lord Burleigh. All served good beer and a personal favorite Fullers ESB was available in the Lord Burleigh. Stuart had joined us for our time in Stamford and we left him to walk home (only about 5 miles) as we went for the train back to Peterborough. A final drink and a meal in the Drapers Arms before deciding we'd had enough for the day and wended our way home.

An excellent day for those that like their beer.

Three Peaks Challenge Weekend, Friday 17th to Sunday 19th June 2005


Three peakers - Helen Broughton, Tony Shailes, Jason Barker, Nigel Arkle, Judith Neal, Graham Dear

Two peakers - Fiona Rimmer, Debra Burgess-Lim, Andy Williamson

One peakers - Bev, Alex, Bryony, Jack and Stuart Cutforth

Support - Alan Parsons

Summary of the Best Bits:

Alan’s car – sent from heaven (does that mean I'm an angel? - Ed) to give us water and sandwiches

Drinking tea from jugs – when there weren’t enough mugs in the Youth Hostel

Touching the trig point – the sense of achievement at each peak.

Running to the end – Graham and Helen decide they’ve just too much energy after 24 miles and run to the car.

And the worst bits:

The climb up Ingleborough – the heat, the angle, the exhaustion.

Queuing for the loos – where’s an All Terrain Whizzer when you need one?

Swollen hands! – why does this happen?

The run up

Its only when you’re all packed up and on your way to the very edge of Yorkshire that it hits you what you’ve agreed to do – all in the name of charity.

So I’d been training. I’d walked up a hill or two, done a couple of 10 mile walks, even a 16 mile trek over peat bogs (thanks to Stuart whose walk summary said ‘some peat bog and climbing’. Graham nearly lost his leg to the bog!). Heck, I’d even walked around Rutland. Simple.

The morning is all a bit blurry. We were up at 6, breakfasted, packed and out by 7. When we arrived at the car park we realised we might not be alone. Actually a total of 2,000 other walkers joined us that day walking for Heart Research UK.

7.20 and we’re off.


Energy 8/10 : Motivation 10/10 : Legs 9/10

Miles to summit: 2.6

The start is always a bit hard. You haven’t warmed up. Its early and you’re stiff from the Hostel bunk bed. The whole group were there; Tony, Jason, Nigel, Judith, Graham, Fiona, Andy, Debra and me.

Feeling great. The mist was laying low as we started the ascent. I was glad for that. The air heavy and fresh. The pace was fast from the start – led by Graham, Jason and Tony. It wasn’t long before our first bottle-neck as a few hundred walkers tried to get up the small scrambling path to the summit. Who picked this weekend anyway?

At the summit we didn’t have much of a view as we walked through cloud. We made sure we got a picture at the trig point, ate an apple and we were off again.

There was an immense sense of achievement amongst us all.

The distance between Pen-Y-Ghent and Wernside is misleading and very boggy. Its hard going but fun skipping the deep bits, jumping over wet bits and trying not to slip. Hooray for the next bottle neck and a little respite at the stile to the river.

Hang on. No one had mentioned the river. The river without a bridge or stepping stones and a few hundred people trying to cross it at once. Fiona and I tried to find an ‘easier’ place to cross. Big mistake. Half way across and Fi couldn’t find where to put her feet next. I think we’d still be there now if it wasn’t for one of the Heart Research walkers (a young lad in trainers!) who waded in and helped us cross.(Where were the gentlemen in The Walking Club? - Ed)

We had time to make up. Fi stayed with Judith and Andy as I ran ahead to catch up with the leaders. Eventually I saw them in the distance: Graham, Tony, Jason. Another bottle neck stile and I’d made it. Soon we had conquered the first hill and made it to a patient Alan (reading his paper and snoozing) for sandwiches, water top up and mars bars.


Energy 5/10 : Motivation 8/10 : Legs 4/10

Miles to summit:14.8

Ouch. Shouldn’t have stopped. My legs seized as we set off down the road and past the Heart Research walkers stopping for their first break. We agreed to make Whernside Summit via the normal route as Stuart’s suggested route was almost vertical and none of us had ropes and crampons! This took us past a beautiful viaduct. It was all very picture postcard. Not a lot of time for us to stop and admire the view though. We had a mountain to climb! (I know it isn’t a mountain but it makes me feel better).

We made the peak in record time. Another photo opportunity at the trig point. The leading group had dwindled a little. Debra and Fi taking up the rear and Judith and Andy a little behind the rest of us. Still overcast, the weather couldn’t have been better.

The descent from Whernside is spectacular. Look out for the brilliant blue lake (caused by chalk someone said). We were making good progress. Spotting a farm house selling drinks and ice creams, I made a bee line for the loos. If only I had an All Terrain Whizzer… then we wouldn’t have been waiting 30 minutes for the queue. Jason, Nigel and Graham waited for me. Tony must have passed without seeing us. When we got to the support car (eventually), Alan said Tony had gone, thinking we were ahead.

Time for a sock change, more sandwiches, water and chocolate (guilt free). We could see Ingleborough looming ahead. We’d almost made it. Did I want to make it all the way? You bet I did!


Energy 4/10 : Motivation 6/10 : Legs 2/10 (I didn't think your legs looked that bad! - Ed)

Miles to summit:19.3

The sun had made an appearance. It was HOT!

We couldn’t see the path up the mountain, only the odd glint of sun on the glasses of the walkers ahead of us.

The path began as large stone slabs laid across the boggy ground, which sucked and splashed as you walked over them. At the base of Ingleborough we sized up the challenge. Our fellow Heart Research walkers were doing the same. Many had laid out on the grass before they embarked on the climb. I don’t blame them. I just wanted to get it over and done with. Graham advised me not to keep looking up at how steep it was and how far we had to go. One step at a time and we’d make it. Good advice.

One step after another we scrambled up the steep and rocky incline. The sun beat down relentlessly. At the top, the shingle and rock plateau made a grateful flat surface leading to the Trig point (where curious sheep attack your bags). Note from Graham – they were looking for Alan or Colin.

Tony was nowhere to be seen. Long gone in a quest to catch us up when we were actually behind him.

Jason, Graham, Nigel and I stood victorious at the top. It’s all downhill from here!

The end

Energy 6/10 : Motivation 10/10 : Legs 3/10

Miles: 24

Once we’d got carefully down the rocky bit, it was all too tempting to run down the grassy hill side. Yes we were tired and aching, but we’d made it. Just a few miles to go!

Nigel decided that running was not his thing (having experienced the ground intimately earlier) so Jason, Graham and I sprang down the hill.

That makes it sound easy. As will saying that Graham and I ran bits of the last leg to the amazement of the other walkers. It wasn’t. The adrenaline fed us. A sprint down the road, over the bridge and up the steps to the car. We’d Made It! In 9 HOURS 40!

Andy met us there. He’d been for a beer or two and was waiting for Judith who had decided to do the 3. He looked fresh in comparison to the weary three that sat splayed on the ground.

Nigel arrived soon afterwards and we drove back to the Youth Hostel and the hot shower I’d been dreaming of since the start.

We couldn’t have done it without Alan, who arranged the schedule and made sure he was there with words of encouragement, water and goodies to keep us going.

Wow. All that way – 24 miles of hills, rivers and bogs. In return we raised over £800 (total still to be confirmed) for McMillan Nurses and Cancer Research UK.

It was a weekend to remember. Great fun and a real team effort.

Report by Helen

Helen you forgot to mention that the British Sugar employees forgot to bring the sugar!

Quotes from the weekend

"That's a nice pair of jugs you've got there" - Chairman to Helen and Fiona on returning to hostel and finding them drinking tea out of milk jugs.

"I'm sure I've only slept with you guys twice" - Debra and overheard by half the population of Stainforth on the way back from the pub as a discussion took place over how many times we had had a mixed room on youth hostel trips.

Curry and Beer Evening, Saturday 14th May 2005

After a couple of drinks in the Brewery Tap, we walked to the Royal Spice Indian Restaurant for this social gathering in Peterborough. Although the food was very good, the service was very slow.

Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 13th April 2005

There was a good attendance for the AGM - offering people a free drink certainly seems to work!

The Chairman's report gives a review of the year and is included as follows:

"The Club has had another successful year with membership recently reaching the milestone of 50. This compares with 39 this time last year - a growth of nearly 30% following 50% growth in the previous year. Every now and then we have a discussion over whether we need to limit membership to avoid having too many of a walk. But just a month ago we had only two for a walk and so we have not reached that point yet. Splitting into two groups has become a fairly regular feature on longer walks and this has worked quite well.

Our trips away during the year have been to Wales in June, Scotland in September and Shropshire in February. Attendance on these trips has been 7, 9 and 6 respectively – so reasonable. The most successful event of the year was the barbecue which, swelled by family numbers, had an attendance of 18. Other social events have been less well attended. There were only 11 diners – the lowest for some years - at the Christmas meal. The Halloween social was cancelled because of lack of support and both bowling events in the year have been poorly attended. The committee has recently asked for feedback on what the members want in the way of social events. The response has indicated that we should continue to arrange them but we need to find what events members will actually support. It would be useful to have any further feedback.

Future events proposed this year are a beer & curry evening, a social by rail to Oakham and Stamford, the beer festival and a Greek meal. We are now proposing to put the Christmas meal back to next March as a result of the recent feedback.

As usual I must give a special thank you to the committee members who make available their precious time to help run the club. Without the committee we would not have a club. To the members, I would ask that you support events as much as you can as there is nothing worse than giving up your time to arrange something and for there to be little support. Over the next year I propose that we become more clinical about what events we arrange, and if there is little support then we don’t run the event again. So if you want social events its up to you to support them.

We are still offering a range of walks with the emphasis on the Peak District. We have added in a few requested walks such as more coastal walks and the recent walk to Red Kite country.

Thanks go to Dylan for giving us some further first aid training earlier in the month. It is always beneficial having as many people as possible with this life saving skill.

In summary then, whilst it would be more satisfying for the committee to see more support for social events, we can take comfort from the fact that support for the walks is still fairly good with a record 15 walkers on the 30th January and often 10 or more walkers on each walk".

We welcome two new members to the committee. Helen (Broughton) as Special Events Co-ordinator and Andy as Treasurer. The committee is now constituted as follows:

Chairman - Alan Parsons

General Secretary - vacant

Treasurer - Andy Williamson

PR Representative - Jane Blackford

Transport Co-ordinator - Bev Cutforth

Route Planner - Stuart Cutforth

Special Events Co-ordinator - Helen Broughton

Editor - Alan Parsons

Membership Secretary - Graham Dear

First Aid Training, Saturday 2 April 2005

Thanks go to Dylan for another days training and a refresher for four more wallking club members.

Easter in the Lake District, Friday/Monday 25-28th March 2005

With a respectable 9am start, Alan and Graham picked up Noelyne for the journey up to the Lakes where we were to meet up with the Cutforth family. The traffic was remarkably quiet for Easter and we arrived at Borrowdale Youth Hostel in early afternoon. The weather was fine, so after settling in we decided to go for a stroll up the Borrowdale valley. We soon arrived at Seatoller a small village where the tea shop was open and provided a timely cup of tea and slice of cake. In the evening after some discussion over who had been to which of the two local pubs before, we walked to the one in Stonethwaite. Normally it is very difficult to get into the pubs in the Lake District at Easter, but this one was virtually empty. We mangaed to get a seat and the beer was excellent in particular the Blond ale from the Hesketh Newmarket brewery.

On Saturday, whilst Stuart and Graham tackled the route up Great Gable and back along Glaramara (the walk that had virtually killed Alan several years before), Alan and Noelyne went for a less strenuous climb up High Spy overlooking Derwent Water and then back along the beautiful Borrowdale valley. Whilst the sky was generally overcast, it was dry and not too cold.

In the evening we went back to the same pub and again it was not very busy. By now we had got our order sorted out - "Three blondes please and a glass of wine for the lady"!

On Sunday, whilst the Cutforths went for a short walk, Graham, Alan and Noelyne walked from the hostel over to Watendlath which is a small village sittting in its own little valley. The evening saw a return to the same pub, where yet again we easily found a seat. Unfortunately the pub ran out of blondes so we had to settle for brunettes, but they were still pretty tasty!

On the Monday, the Cutforths set off for another family walk as they were staying on in the Lakes. Alan, Noelyne and Graham went into Keswick for a quick bit of shopping before returning home.

So Easter in the Lakes passed without any rain to speak of, so it must go down as a good one.

Ten Pin Bowling, Saturday 19th March 2005

There was very poor support for this event - with only three bowlers.

A Shropshire Hike, Saturday/Sunday 12-13th February 2005

After an early Saturday morning start from Peterborough, we completed a 13 mile walk in the Shropshire Hills, starting and finishing at the Bridges Youth Hostel. The day comprised intermittant rain showers as a result of which the ground was very wet and we found our fair share of mud.

The pub 100yds down the road proved an excellent veune for spending the evening, with good food and beer, and an open fire.

On Sunday, we were greeted with snow whilst having breakfast. Whilst this stayed off for most of the day, we were hit by a snow storm whilst we were at the highest point of the walk and unfortunately had to walk into the driving snow to come down. The walk on Sunday ended up more like 7 miles after we cut the end short.

The following comments summed up peoples thoughts after the first day:

"Mud, mud, glorious mud"

"I don't think this is just mud"

"Wet and windy"

"Where's the public footpath sign gone?"

"The wettest you can get with your clothes on!"

"I am impressed by Alan's sheep pulling power!"

"Gosh my legs ache"

The Youth Hostel was not one that has been recently renovated but was quite well run and had everything we needed.

Christmas Meal, Saturday 18th December 2004

The Hayloft at the Orton Hall Hotel again made an idea setting for a cosy Christmas Meal. The food was very good as usual and as we had chosen the more expensive menu for a change there was a variety of dishes ranging from salmon to great slices of beef and chicken and Xmas pudding to profiterolls and Bailey's cream cheese. The drink flowed easily and it seemed no time at all before we were asked to leave at nearly 11:30pm.

Meal and Bowling Saturday 13th November 2004

A select group of bowlers attended this biannual event and spent an enjoyable evening trying to improve their bowling.

Halloween Party, Saturday 30th October 2004

This event was cancelled due to lack of interest.

Trip to Scotland, Saturday 25th to Tuesday 28th September 2004

Nine of us gathered in Fortwilliam for this long weekend. Eight stayed in the Glen Nevis Youth Hostel whilst Tony stayed in Bed & Breakfast in Fort William. We split into two walking parties - those looking for the challenge of climbing major peaks and those looking for more gentle exercise. On the Sunday the energetic group went into Glencoe to see what challenges they could find whilst the low level walkers walked along Glen Nevis where they found some good scenery including a magnificant waterfall.

On the Monday, although the weather still didn't promise clear views, the keen group decided that they would tackle Ben Nevis whilst the less strenuous group went to the Ben Nevis ski resort where we could take a gondola to near the top. Unfortunately the rain kept on and off most of the day so views weren't good and most people got soaked. However it was a very good day for waterfalls.

We ate out each evening and we found some good food in Fort William.

It is a long way to Scotland but the scenery is certainly different to the Peak District.

Beer Festival, Friday 27th August 2004

A small group from the Walking Club gathered near the Tombola stand to enjoy a few drinks. Debra sampled most of the ciders and decided she didn't like any of them. Colin didn't last the evening. Apart from that a fairly uneventful evening.

Barbecue, Saturday 7th August 2004

We were blessed with great weather for this event held at Alan and Jill's in Easton on the Hill. There were 18 attendees so quite a good turn out. Thanks go to Alan and Jill for hosting the event and for providing some really delicious sweets.

Social by Rail, Saturday 10th July 2004

On the face of it this was not a very successful event. Only members of the committee turned up; there was a massive rainstorm as we made our way to the station which led us to miss our train; as a result we had to miss out the Oakham leg of the outing. Whilst we waited for the next train, we had a drink at the Railway Hotel where we found they kept a rather fine pint of Green King Abbot. Moving onto Stamford we found some more excellent beers and were joined by Bev and Stuart. Time flew and it seemed no time at all before we had to catch the train back. Having reached the environs of Peterborough we finished off at the Brewery Tap where we sampled the Thai cuisine.

For the few that attended it was an enjoyable evening and we are planning a repeat when we must persuade more people to come plus we must get to Oakham where the beer in the Grainstore is also excellent.

Weekend in Wales, Friday 4th to Sunday 6th June 2004

This weekend was based in the Youth Hostel in Brecon. This hostel is in the process of being gradually improved. For the first night we were in the unrefurbished part but we were in the refurbished part for the rest of the weekend and the difference showed.

Graham, Alan and Debra travelled over on the Thursday evening so that we could walk on Friday when we climbed Pen Y Fan. Bev, Stuart and family travelled up on Friday but the other family that were due to complete the group had a problem with their children on the way and had to turn back.

On the Saturday we did the waterfall walk which has come to be a favourite with the club. The walk includes a waterfall which you can walk under - see pictures. Bev Stuart and family did a shorter route in the opposite direction to the others with the intention of meeting up somewhere on the way. However things did not go to plan. It was a beautiful sunny day and Stuart realised we would struggle to meet up with him when we text him at 2pm to say we were still in the pub half way round.

On the Sunday, Graham, Alan and Debra went up Table Mountain just outside Crickhowell on the way home.

Beer & Curry Evening, 15th May 2004

Nine people attended this event. We started with a couple of drinks at the Brewery Tap in Peterborough and then went to the Royal Spice Indian Restaurant for a meal where the food was very good. We are still not sure if Tony enjoyed the meal though. Not enough roast beef and roast potatoes for you, Tony?

Annual General Meeting, 14th April 2004

There was a good attendance for the AGM and as usual business was completed fairly quickly.

The Chairman's report gives a review of the year and is included as follows:

"The last year has seen the Club continue to rebuild its numbers and we currently have 39 members compared with 26 at this time last year - a 50% increase. Whilst this brings us very nearly back to numbers that we had prior to Foot & Mouth, we now have a greater percentage of regular walkers so the numbers on each walk has increased . So much so that we have started to split into two groups on some walks to cater for walkers of differing capabilities and this has worked well on several occasions. The increasing numbers has also raised the prospect of alternative Sunday walks being held concurrently with Club weekends away for those not able to make the whole weekend. It remains to be seen if this takes off.

It can also be said that the camaraderie and banter on the walks has increased and I am sure everyone will agree that this, in most instances, adds to the enjoyment.

The last AGM saw an influx of new blood to the committee in the form of Jane, Colin, Graham Dear and Graham Clark for a while. This has helped to bring some fresh impetus to running the Club including the acquisition of thewalkingclub.co.uk web address and the introduction of additional social events to the calendar.

The Club continues to offer a majority of walks in the Peak District and these walks remain more popular than local walks.

The committee has arranged 4 trips away during the year most of which have been well attended; 8 visiting Snowdonia in October; 9 Yorkshire in February and 9 the Lakes last weekend. The family visit to Sheringham last summer was disappointing with only 2 families turning up and this event was not repeated in this years programme.

Social events have included 2 bowling evenings and the barbecue, all of which were successful, plus of course the Christmas meal which was well attended and very enjoyable.

Additional events programmed for this year are the Curry & Beer evening in May, a social by rail in July, the beer festival in August and a Halloween social in October. More details of these events will be issued in the newsletter and on the website as they become available.

Several club members recently received first aid training from Dylan Jones, another club member, and this was a valuable exercise which will make us more capable of dealing with emergencies when we are out on the hills. We thank Dylan for giving up his time for this and I hope this is an initiative that will become a regular feature.

Finally, I would like to thank the committee for the work they have put in to ensure the smooth running of the Club over the past year and hope that this will continue in the future."

Some minor changes to the constitution were agreed the most significant of which was the formal recoginiton of the role of Membership Secretary.

We welcome a new member to the committee in Trevor. The committee is now constituted as follows:

Chairman - Alan Parsons

General Secretary - Jane Blackford

Treasurer - Trevor Goodwin

PR Representative - Jane Blackford

Transport Co-ordinator - Bev Cutforth

Route Planner - Stuart Cutforth

Special Events Co-ordinator - Colin Clarke

Editor - Alan Parsons

Membership Secretary - Graham Dear

Easter in the Lake District, 9th/12st April 2004

A detailed report is still awaited from our correspondent.

However the following is a summary.

The weekend was based at Elterwater Youth Hostel.

On the Saturday, Stuart, Debra, Colin and Graham climbed Scarfell Pike whilst Val and Alan went for a more gentle stroll around the Langdale valleys. On Sunday a shorter walk took us to Skelwith Bridge and back along Elterwater.

Each evening was spent in the one of the local pubs except for Bev who stayed at the hostel to look after the children. Discussion at the pub included the fact that owls can rotate their heads 180 degrees and that this explained why they were often seen concussed at the base of trees after having flown into the trunk.

Other discussion mainly from Colin has been censored.

First Aid Training, Saturday April 3rd 2004

Seven members of the Club took advantage of this offer by Dylan to learn some first aid. We booked the Hayloft for the event and as usual first training turned out to be quite entertaining. Graham certainly got to grips with Resusci Annie - see the pictures on the pictures page.

Thanks go to Dylan for taking time out to do this. At least 10 of our 40 members now have a knowledge of first aid which is a high proportion.

Pizza and Bowl, Saturday March 20th 2004

There were ten takers for this regular Walking Club event.

As usual the question was how many strikes Jeremy would make during the evening and whether he could carry his team through to victory.

Although he top scored in the first game with 122, the rest of his team were unable to ward off defeat by Alan's team by 450 to 380. In the second game, a rapidly improving Trevor, who doubled his score, helped Jeremy's team to a closely fought win 448 to 435. However the aggregate score was a win for Alan's team by 885 to 828.

The scores were:

Bev 63 72 Jo 90 64
Barbara 67 77 Chris 87 59
Miranda 75 85 Graham 93 95
Trevor 53 108 Stuart 67 111
Jeremy 122 106 Alan 113 106
TOTAL 380 448 TOTAL 450 435

The bowling was followed by a pizza to round off another enjoyable evening.

Christmas Meal, 13th December 2003

Twenty members and guests turned up for this year's Christmas Party held again in the privacy of the Hayloft. Although service was slightly slow, the meal was good and was followed by fun and games arranged by Graham and Colin. Everbody seemed to enjoy themselves as seen from the pictures on the pictures page.

Pizza and Bowl, Saturday November 15th 2003

There was a good turn out for this event although the earlier time proved to confuse some late arrivals.

The first game was very keenly contested with Alan's team just pipping the opposition. However the tables were turned in the second game with Jeremy's team winning easily due mainly to Jeremy getting his eye in and finishing with four strikes in a row.

There was a guest appearance by Stanley to make the numbers up but we obviously put him on the wrong side as his game 2 total of 96 was more than most of Alan's team.

The scores were:

Jeremy 104 171 Alan 93 93
Julia 78 89 Bev 72 59
Stuart 85 104 Graham 107 103
Val 58 65 June 84 85
Stanley 75 96 Jo 58 53
TOTAL 400 525 TOTAL 414 393

The bowling was followed by a pizza to round off another enjoyable evening.

Weekend Away, Yorkshire Dales - Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th February 2004

See "Walk Reports" page

Snowdonia, North Wales - Friday 24th to Sunday 26th October 2003

After making our various ways up to North Wales, most of us met up at the Pen-Y-Pas Youth Hostel despite us sending Tony to the wrong one. It was not long before we were in the local hostelry for the evening. The remaining car load unfortunately arrived just after they had stopped serving food.

For our walk on Saturday, we started at Rhyd Ddu and took the path straight up onto the Mynydd ridge. We spent most of the day walking along this ridge which involved some serious scrambling (or was it rock climbing) on slippery rocks. However we safely completed the ridge and as we dropped down the weather closed in and the rain started in more earnest. It was eight fairly soggy walkers who arrived at the car we had left near Nebo. Unfortunately three of the group had to wait in the cold whilst the other car was collected.

The weather was not good for this walk, but the cloud lifted sufficiently from time to time to give us some splendid and at times quite eerie views. A very satisfying walk despite the weather.

On the Sunday, we split into three groups. Most went part way up Snowdon along the Miner's Track and back along the Pyg Track. Two went into Beddgelert and Alan went for a less strenuous walk around Llyn Gwynant. On the Sunday, the weather was beautiful with clear blue skies.

We travelled back on Sunday afternoon after an enjoyable weekend with great scenery.

Barbecue, Saturday 9th August 2003

It was a glorious hot sunny day for this annual event. Despite being in the holiday period, there was a total of eleven participants. A leisurely late afternoon and early evening was spent in conversation whilst cooking, eating and drinking. Thanks go to Bev and Stuart for providing the venue and the entertainment in the form of naked dancing ladies!

Summer Weekend in Sheringham, 4th-6th July 2003

Unfortunately there was very little support for this new venture. Bev & Stuart and family camped and Alan and Barbara stayed in bed & beakfast accommodation.

On the Saturday, Alan with Stuart carrying Bryony undertook the walk from Sheringham that Alan had done before but in the other direction. As we walked through Sheringham, it became apparent that we had chosen the Morris Dancing Weekend for our vist, as there were Morris Men everywhere. We were able to revisit a couple of areas where we had previously strayed off the route and as a result found a couple of view points previously missed. This is definitely a very varied walk and enjoyable, particularly in the sunny weather. In the evening we visited the Wheatsheaf Inn in West Beckham which had good food and beer.

On Sunday we got the steam train to Holt, only to find the village was a mile or more from the station. Having reached the village, we found there was not much to do, so we walked back again. The train took us back to Sheringham, where we had some lunch before coming home.

Easter in the Lake District, 18th/21st April 2003

We travelled up to Coniston Youth Hostel on Good Friday afternoon arriving in time to have an evening meal at the hostel and still get to the Black Bull pub in Coniston which brews its own ales.

On Saturday we decided our objective would be the Old Man of Coniston or at least some of the way up. We walked out of the Youth Hostel and up towards the peak. At a point where the climbing was about to get more serious, Alan, Emma and Graham decided to keep to a lower route. Stuart wanted to go up to the top. Since the weather was good and there were plenty of other walkers around, we let Stuart go up on his own. Meanwhile the rest of us found a quiet spot in the sun by the side of a disused reservoir for lunch. We then walked back alongside Coniston Lake back to Coniston.

Goodness knows how quickly Stuart had raced up the Old Man, but he was back in Coniston to meet us when we got there. We also then bumped into Bev, Alex and Bryony before we made our way to the nearest tea shop.

Evenings tended to consist of a visit to the Back Bull after an evening meal in the hostel. Although we did try another pub on the last night.

On Sunday, we all went to Tarn Hows and then on to Black Crag from where there were good views.

On Monday it was raining, but we didn't care as we had had good weather for the main two days.

Annual General Meeting, 9th April 2003

There was a good attendance for the AGM and as usual business was completed fairly quickly. We welcome three new members to the committee although it is sad that we are losing Debbie and Richard because of the uncertainties over Richard's job. The new members are Graham, Colin and Jane. The committee is now constituted as follows:

Chairman - Alan Parsons

Secretary - Position vacant

Treasurer - Fiona Bladon

PR Representative - Jane Blackford

Transport Co-ordinator - Bev & Stuart Cutforth

Route Planner - Stuart Cutforth

Special Events Co-ordinator - Colin Clarke

Editor - Alan Parsons

Membership Secretary (seconded role) - Graham Dear

Jeremy Orbell will also be seconded to the committee so that he can continue to provide valuable assistance with committee affairs.

The Chairman's report gives a review of the year and is included below.

During the year we have returned to a full walking programme although we have had 4 or 5 that did not go ahead due to lack of support. When planning the programme for 2003, the committee took the view that if there was going to be limited support for walks then at least we might as well include lots of walks that the committee liked. As a result this year's programme is heavily biased towards Peak District walking. The programme was posted on the net during the weeks before Christmas and comments requested. Two were received and both supported the proposed programme.

Last summer over three weekends, Alan, Lee and Stuart completed the second part of the Coast-to-Coast walk. Graham joined us on the last leg into Robin's Hood Bay.

We reduced the number of social events last year to two bowling evenings, a barbecue and the Christmas meal. The later was reasonably attended and I believe people enjoyed themselves but the other events were not well attended.

Five people attended the weekend away in the Mendips and a mostly different five attended the Bed and Breakfast walk in February this year.

Membership currently stands at 26 compared with 32 at this time last year. We have still to fully recover from the foot & mouth epidemic, prior to which membership stood at 40. However, we continue to attract plenty of prospects, we just need more of them to become regular walkers.

During the year we have started to instigate the rebranding of the Club. So we said goodbye to Stanley our old logo, which we felt was getting a bit jaded. We have replaced him with a new logo and you will see a change in format in our printed material. We have still to finalise the new version of the leaflet.

I have generally managed to keep the website up to date and I think this continues to be a useful source of information about the Club for new prospects. The use of e-mail to issue newsletters is also slowly increasing and as a result the amount I spend on postage is reducing.

I would like to thank the members of the committee for their work during the year. It is a shame that we have to lose Debbie and Richard from the committee but we wish them well if they end up moving to Germany.

Finally I add my usual request for members to give as much support as possible to the committee by coming on walks and events and I look forward to another enjoyable year's walking.

Bowling, 22nd March 2003

I was unable to attend the bowling and have received no report to post.

Bed & Breakfast Walking in the Peak District, 15/16th February 2003

After making our various ways up to Hartington in Derbyshire on a pretty cold February evening, we were met by a scorching open fire as we entered the Youth Hostel. After booking in and having a quick look around this old hall, we headed for the pub. Being cold, we went into the first pub we came to in Hartington but it proved to have excellent food and good beer. So we had an enjoyable evening prior to the walk ahead.

The Hartington Hall Youth Hostel had recently been refurbished and all agreed that the standard of the accommodation was very good.

On the Sunday, we had a fairly leisurely walk as that suited the people who were there. We went along Wolfscote Dale and Biggin Dale before cutting off to do a bit of the Tissington Trail prior to our return to Hartington. Only about 7 miles without any steep climbs so quite a pleasant walk but very cold.

A memorable weekend, particularly the white thong in the pub.

Walk Rating - Very Good

Christmas Meal, 14th December 2002

This was held at the Hayloft, the upper floor of the Ramblewood Inn. There was an abundance of food and a good time was had by all. Thanks to Bev for arranging the entertainment.

Pizza and Bowl, Saturday November 16th 2002

As usual an enjoyable evening for those that came. Jeremy manged to win despite being pushed close by Alan.

The scores were:

Jo 47 73 Jeremy 125 153
Barbara 82 93 Alan 102 127
Stuart 107 88      
TOTAL 237 254 TOTAL 227 280

The bowling was followed by a pizza. Stuart picked a particularly spicy one which he looked distinctly uncomfortable eating, needing a large glass of water to take the heat off.

Bed & Breakfast Walking, Mendip Hills, 11/13th October 2002

This walking weekend was based at Cheddar Youth Hostel. However this write up is rather delayed and webmaster can recall little to report. If those attending have better memories, please let me know.

Barbecue, August 10th 2002

This year's event was held chez Jeremy and family and was attended by a total of 12 people. Alan and Barbara thought they had arrived before it was time to start cooking. So were rather surprised to be greeted by Stuart eating a beefburger. It transpired that there was some confusion over the planned start time and the early arrivers had already cooked their meal and more to the point had used most of the charcoal. Fortunately there was enough charcoal to relight the barbecue for the second sitting and everybody managed to cook their food. The rain kept off and we spent a pleasant evening eating our meals and supping a few beers.

Coast-to-Coast Walk, Second Half, Part 3, July 5th to 7th 2002

We had an extra walker for this last part of the Coast-to-Coast as Graham Dear joined Lee, Stuart and Alan. So with Barbara providing the vehicular back-up, we needed two cars to get us up to Yorkshire. Stuart and Graham had travelled up earlier in the afternoon and were ensconced in the pub in Levisham by the time the Parsons family arrived.

We spent the night in the Lockton Youth Hostel which we knew was one of the most basic hostels but we had been unable to book into any other for the Friday night. So self- catering and only an outside shower and toilets.

On Saturday morning, Barbara took us back to the Lion Inn where we had finished on the previous occasion. From here we walked up to Rosedale Head and then turned east in Danby High Moor and Gaisdale Moor. There were good views as we walked along Glaisdale Rigg and into Glaisdale. From here the route followed the Esk valley through Carr End and onto Egton Bridge where we stopped for a well- earned pint. The valley route continued to Grosmont from where there was an exceedingly hard climb up onto Sleights Moor. Although it was nearing the end of the day for our tired legs, we all agreed this was a good climb to get out of the way before the final day. We finished the day at Littlebeck. 16 miles covered so only 14 for the last day and the sea is getting visibly nearer.

We stayed in Whitby Youth Hostel on Saturday night. This hostel has a good location next to the Abbey and overlooking the harbour and it is better than Lockton. However there is no doubt you should not go to this part of the country if you want to experience the best in Youth Hostels. For dinner we walked down the hill to a pub where we have a good meal overlooking the harbour.

The weather was fine for the last day and with a very manageable 14 miles left, it was an easy-going walk towards the coast. The walk picks up the coastal path a couple of miles north of Robin Hood's Bay and then follows it along the coast.

So after starting this walk in 2000 and then being delayed by the Foot & Mouth crisis, we eventually reached the North Sea and paddled our toes in the water. Fortunately the tide was in so we did not have so far to walk. After the photo opportunity, we finished off the day with a cream tea.

So what next? Any suggestions?

Coast-to-Coast Walk, Second Half, Part 2, May 11th to 12th 2002

Our sharp Friday night exit for the weekend was disrupted this weekend by the Potters Bar rail crash. It took Lee much longer than expected to reach Peterborough so our departure was over an hour later than expected. However the roadworks at Grantham had finished so we made good time up to Yorkshire and still had time after booking in to the Youth Hostel to get a pint in the local pub in Osmotherly. On Saturday morning, Barbara took us back to near Whitwell where we had finished the previous walk. Most of Saturday was spent walking across the flat area between the Pennines and the Cleveland Hills. So although the scenery was not as good as we had experienced elsewhere on the walk, we made very good progress. As we passed through Danby Wiske, we noticed that the pub was open but decided it was too early to stop for a drink. We would find a pub later on wouldn't we?

Our progress was good until we got to Sydal Lodge where the footpath was still closed due to Foot & Mouth. There was a diversion which put about a mile on our journey but the plus side was that the village of East Harsley had a pub. It was about lunch time so the diversion did not seem to much of an inconvenience. Until that was we found that the pub was closed! Nevertheless we stopped on the seats by the village hall to have lunch.

We carried on towards Ingleby Cross where we thought there might be another pub. And yes there was a pub but again it was closed. Has Yorkshire closed? We asked ourselves. So beerless we started the climb into the Cleveland Hills. Half way up the hill, we came across a training centre offering refreshments. Would it be open? We went and knocked. No response. But our luck then changed as the lady who ran the place returned and served us with an ice cream and a drink.

We carried on through the woods and into the next valley to Hollin Hill where we met up with Barbara for a lift back to Osmotherley. With the diversion, we had completed about 20 miles so we had recovered most of the distance we did not do on the previous weekend. It is surprising how much difference the flatness makes.

The evening was spent eating and drinking in the pubs of Osmotherley

Sunday took us eastwards still on the Cleveland Way to Clay Bank top and then into Greenhow and Farndale Moors. Here we followed a disused railway for miles and miles. We were pleased to see the Lion Inn in the distance and even more pleased when we were downing the first pint. Another 16 miles completed so only 30 left for the last weekend.

Coast-to-Coast Walk, Second Half, Part 1, April 26th to 28th 2002

A sharp exit from work was required on Friday afternoon to enable Alan, Barbara and Lee to get on the road up to North Yorkshire. Stuart, Bev and Alex were making their way separately. Having planned our route to miss the road works on the A1, we made good time and arrived at Scotch Corner for a quick bite to eat. The road from here was much slower, and we started to wonder whether we would have enough time for a quick pint. We were thinking that we might be able to visit the highest pub in England at Tan Hill but we ran out of time and had to suffice with a pint in Muker on the way through.

We had stayed at the Youth Hostel in Keld at the end of the first half of the walk, so it held no surprises. It is not one of the top Youth Hostels but it was adequate for our needs.

On Saturday, Lee, Alan and Stuart set off on the walk to Reeth and beyond. The weather was dry and we made good progress. As we passed over Melbeck's Moor we came across a 100 mile marker which was quite encouraging. Only 90 miles to go! We pressed on and managed to reach our furthest target which was Marske meaning we had completed our target of 16 miles.

Barbara picked us up and took us to our overnight stop at Grinton Lodge Youth Hostel. And what a place! The Hostel is an old shooting lodge set on the edge of the moor overlooking Swaledale. There are turreted walls and stunning views. The Lodge has been completely updated and facilities were as good as we have seen with automatic movement sensitive lights in the toilets. The Hostel is licensed, so after a filling dinner we settled down to a bottle of Old Speckled Hen. The only draw back was the group of teenage children also staying there who decided to take over the lounge.

On Sunday, we decided that we were not as fit as we thought. Lee had started with an aching back after spending all week bent over a computer and decided he could not manage any walking on the Sunday. So it was only Alan and Stuart who commenced the second day. By the time we reached Richmond, Alan was already feeling the effects of the previous days walking. However after a lunch overlooking the River Swale on the edge of Richmond we pressed on. Fuelled by a pint in the small village of Colburn, we managed to reach Whitwell before being picked up.

So only 12 miles on the second day, leaves us slightly short of our target. It remains to be seen if we will need an extra day to reach the coast.

Pizza and Bowl, Saturday April 20th 2002

Previously, bowling has been one of our most successful events with two full lanes bowling and plenty of competitiveness. This time however, there was a very poor response with only Alan, Stuart, Barbara with a bad back and Bev with not so much a bun in the oven as a bowling ball up her jumper! So we registered four bowlers and Alan and Stuart bowled for two (or three?)

The scores were:

Bev 129 91 Barbara 121 131
Stuart 119 99 Alan 128 143
TOTAL 248 190 TOTAL 249 274

The bowling gave us an appetite for the pizza that followed.

Annual General Meeting, Wednesday 10th April 2002

The Annual general Meeting of the club took place in the Hayloft of the Ramblewood Inn on Wednesday 10th April. No controversial issues were raised and businees was completed promptly allowing plenty of drinking time.

The committee was re-elected apart from Chris who had resigned. The Chairman's Report is include below and gives a summary of the year.

We eventually got back to walking after the problems with foot & mouth disease, but not before it had caused the cancellation of our planned completion of the Coast-to-Coast walk. Now we are planning to complete it over three weekends this year. The Club has continued to run a number of social events including the visit to Peterborough Cathedral, punting in Cambridge and a barbecue. However these have often been poorly supported. The Xmas meal and bowling remain the most popular events and we have retained these whilst reducing the number of other events in this years calendar.

The Club is helping to sponsor first aid training for Richard and Alan later this month. Together with Stuart's training through work, this will ensure that there is always somebody with first aid training on each walk. We are also looking to pursue membership of the Walking Group Leader Scheme being promoted by the British Mountaineering Council.

During the year we had enjoyable trips to the Malverns and the Lake District staying in Youth Hostels although again numbers were small.

The website has been up and running for over a year now and seems to be a useful tool for communicating information particularly to people interested in the Club. After the initial flurry of activity on the forum, things seem to have gone very quiet. More and more of our communications are being carried out by e-mail and this is helping to keep stationery and postage costs down.

The committee is in the process of rebranding the Club and you will see a change in the Club logo once we have agreed on the final design. It is not proposed to change the name of the Club.

Membership currently stands at 32 compared with 40 at this time last year. This reduction could well be a response to the foot and mouth crisis, but this is the largest drop in membership we have had after the steady year on year growth reported last year. We have had 5 new members within the year whilst 13 memberships have expired. We do not know why we have lost so many members this year and any suggestions would be welcome.

I would like to thank the members of the committee for their work during the year. A special thanks goes to Chris who is standing down as secretary to concentrate on other things. She has been a member of the committee since 1998 and I know has found it frustrating over the last couple since her back has meant she has been unable to join us on walks. We hope that we will continue to see her and Les at some of our future events.

Finally, I would ask that all club members support the efforts of the committee by attending as many walks and events as possible. In that way I am sure we will have an enjoyable year ahead.

Easter Weekend, Lake District, 29th March - 1st April 2002

The late withdrawal of Fiona due to illness meant that only Alan, Stuart, Bev and Alex travelled up to Borrowdale Youth Hostel for the Easter Weekend. This is a Hostel that we had previously stayed at on the Coast-to-Coast walk so we knew it had good facilities.

On the Saturday, Alan and Stuart decided to tackle Great Gable which was achieved relatively easily albeit slowly. We then decided to come back along the Glaramara ridge. For Alan, this was about six peaks too far, and it was some very tired legs that got back to the Hostel just in time for dinner.

In the evening we started to walk to one of the local pubs only to find that they were not serving anybody who was not eating. We did manage to get a pint at the local hotel but the quality was unimpressive.

On Sunday we walked through the woods to the shore of Derwent Water, where we boarded the boat into Keswick. After a bit of shopping and the customary tea shop, we took a bus back up the valley to the Youth hostel.

The weather had been quite kind to us. But when we woke up on Monday it had resorted to typical lakeland rain. So it didn't take much contemplation to decide not to attempt any walking and to start the journey home.

Bed & Breakfast Walking, Malvern Hills, 16/17th February 2002

The Malvern Hills Youth Hostel proved to be well appointed and provided comfortable accommodation for our overnight stay. We went for a short stroll before descending (or in fact climbing) to the pub. The stroll proved facinating as we walked along a road lit by gas lamps and this provoked much thought on how they worked and why they were still here. The Railway Hotel was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday night and we had a very pleasant meal. The beer wasn't too bad either.

On Sunday morning we were able to set off straight from the Youth Hostel for our walk in the Malvern Hills. See walk reports for more detail.

Christmas Meal, 15th December 2001

For the Christmas Meal we made our annual return to the Hayloft at the Ramblewood, Orton Longueville and again we were not disappointed. Alan made sure there was an ample supply of projectile balloons and poppers to make the evening go with a bang. The food was good and there was plenty of it since we had a few spare places. Thanks go to Jeremy for putting together an entertaining music quiz which he was unable to present as Jo had just given birth. This was followed (the music quiz, not the birth) by a picture quiz and a bit of pictionary. Alan read some extracts from a driving test questions book which proved amusing. Everybody joined in and appeared to have a good evening.