Walk 07/2012 – Black Ashop

Sunday 25th March 2012

It was a bit of a foggy start but that soon cleared up and the day turned out to be warm and sunny with a clear blue sky apart from the vapour trails shooting upwards like fireworks.

Great weather for this walk in the area of the reservoirs to the north west of Sheffield. This was a part of the Peak District that I can not recall us having visited before but it proved to be away from the normal tourist haunts and a good place to explore.

A super day’s walking.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Excellent

Looks like there had been some political differences in Oughtibridge.
picutre 1
Great weather and great views.
picutre 2
This walk overlooked a number of reservoirs – all of which seem to have plenty of water in them.
picutre 3
You get a great view if you rest in peace in this graveyard in High Bradfield.
picutre 4
The gravestones stand like sentries.
picutre 5
More views.
picutre 6
It was a day when we noticed some interesting vapour trails in the otherwise blue sky.
picutre 7
We get down to reservoir level.
picutre 8
Looking down the valley from More Hall Reservoir.
picutre 9
Thought we had better include a picture of some daffodils to show that Spring has come.
picutre 10