Walk 20/2012 – Middleton

Sunday 23rd September 2012

Four of us set off to the Peak District, parking in Middleton. We walked alongside the River Bradford in an easterly direction passing below Youlgreave. Then following a debate as to the best route to take we took an early coffee stop at Castle Ring with panoramic views of unspoilt countryside. We viewed the Stone Circle known as &slquo;Nine Stones&srquo; although as you will see from the photograph only four are standing. This monument dates back to the Bronze Age.

We then made our way to Robin Hood stride – a rock formation on the Limestone Way consisting of gritstone boulders. Legend has it that Robin strode between the tower–like stones at either end of the tor, but this is unlikely because they’re 15 metres apart and the ascent of the towers is difficult. An alternative local name is Mock Beggars Hall and from a distance it is easy to imagine the tumbled rocks and turrets being mistaken for fortifications, especially in semi–darkness or mist.

We then dropped down into a valley and found the path flanked by some sleepy cows who were sitting down – we could not moo–ve them out of the way and were debating [Ed – the title of the debate being &dlquo;The use of rainwear in subduing agressive traits in cattle!”] on whether to put our wet gear on or not. We safely passed them and settled down on the hillside to chew our cud.

Five minutes before the walk end we did run into some rain and sprinted to our cars. In traditional walking club style we found a local pub for refreshments before we headed back home. We all enjoyed the walk today.

Report – Claire

Pictures – Claire

Walk rating – Good

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