Walk 22/2012 – Upper Dean

Sunday 21st October 2012

Generally quite an easy walk today across rolling hills and arable farmland. The walking across farmers’ fields got a bit difficult at times as the ground was wet and mud stuck to your boots making them rather heavy!! We didn’t walk through any villages but we did pass by a couple of interesting looking cottages and what looked like a substantial Tudor house. We also passed an animal graveyard, which Sue said she remembers from a previous walk, but looked like a few new ones had been added since.

Lunchbreak was a bit entertaining, after Sue and Rosemarie had struggled to get a log across a stream to sit on as soon as they sat on it, it rolled away from under them.

The weather was good and it only started to rain when we got back to the car. We stopped at The White Horse Inn at Tilbrook before setting for home.

Report – Moira

Pictures – Moira

Walk rating – Average

An attractive thatched house.
picutre 1
The pet grave yard.
picutre 2
The views were extensive!
picutre 3
The barren field eventually ends.
picutre 4
A house with some ornate features.
picutre 5
Sue and Rosemarie get their hands round something long and thin.
picutre 6
Which provides some amusing entertainment.
picutre 7
A house with a Tudor style.
picutre 8
A pretty village scene.
picutre 9