Walk 13/2012 – Bow Brickhill and Woburn

Sunday 17th June 2012

After the wind and rain, today’s walk turned out to be a real delight, in every respect. After meeting Roger there, we set off towards Aspley Heath – a pretty village surrounded by beautiful woodland which is perfect for walking, horse riding etc.

We came across some rare wild lupins that were thriving in the sandy soil, which of course prompted part of a Monty Python sketch – “This is a hold up, not a botany lesson. Right now my fine friends, no false moves please. I want you to hand over all the lupins you’ve got”.

We were also treated to some fabulous displays of rhododendrons. We had one of the best coffee and lunch stops – in Woburn Park, owned by the Duke of Bedford. Whilst visitors to the park were paying to drive through the large animal exhibits, we strolled along the public footpath, seeing them free of charge. We saw wallabies, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, horned cattle and deer. We also saw 2 lions performing the moonwalk – you had to be there!!

We then had to fight our way through a couple of fields full of rape seed. It is said that thanks to some eye catching health properties, the rape seed oil makes for a fitter fry up and has been dubbed “the British olive oil”. It certainly made us fitter, as the high winds had blown the stalks right over and it was like being grabbed round the ankle by some kind of alien tentacle. [Ed – better than an alien testacle!]

As it was Fathers day, post walk drinks were decided against so the chaps could go home to be spoilt. (As always!)

Report – Sue

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Excellent

We set off into the woods. This was typical of the paths on this walk.
picutre 1
The Rhododendrons were in bloom. We wondered why they were all the same colour.
picutre 2
This sandy heath was covered in lupins which reminded us of a famous Monty Python sketch.
picutre 3
It is rare you get such an informative footpath sign.
picutre 4
picutre 5
There was plenty of interest as we pass beside the safari park.
picutre 6
picutre 7
A strong fence.
picutre 8
That’s what you call a pair of horns.
picutre 9
We saw lions but none of them real.
picutre 10
Finally some deer.
picutre 11
picutre 12
There might have been a vintage car event on somewhere.
picutre 13
The town of Woburn has some interesting properties.
picutre 14
Our return trip to the car included the negotiation of several fields of rape which was hard going.
picutre 15