Walk 26/2012 – Geddington

Sunday 16th December 2012

The major feature of this walk was the number of viewings of Red Kite which always make a walk exciting. Less positive was the number of rain sodden muddy fields leaving great clods of soil sticking to one’s boots. But I guess it’s all good exercise.

Deciding to do this walk anti–clockwise lead to a problem on the eastern approach to Stanion as the footpath has been diverted from that shown on the latest OS map. It is clear on Google Earth but not on the ground and resulted in a crawl through a hedge obviously used by others. It would not present the same problem if doing the route clockwise.

Another problem (which I recalled from the last time we did this walk) exists to the south of Brigstock. The gate to the footpath going south–west from Dusthill Road is padlocked closed and there is no stile at the next field crossing. So the route requires climbing two gates.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Good but only because of the kites

Can’t see any Kites above these trees.
picutre 1
It was a bit grey in some directions early on.
picutre 2
This water tower forms a land mark on the first part of the walk. It seems to have been taken over by a couple of squirrels.
picutre 3
The sky turns blue.
picutre 4
Harvested wheat fields were a feature of the walk.
picutre 5
Beware the Brigstock dragon!
picutre 6
Brigstock with a couple of Red Kite in the sky.
picutre 7
Another view of the centre of Brigstock.
picutre 8
OK, you can not tell they are Red Kite, but there are two in this tree.
picutre 9
More wheat fields.
picutre 10
Looking back on Brigstock.
picutre 11