Walk 15/2012 – Belton–in–Rutland

Sunday 15th July 2012

Report Awaited

Report – Dawn

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Muddy

At last a fine bit of weather as we set off from Belton.
picutre 1
As noted on the day, a typically English scene.
picutre 2
It’s even warm enough for a sun hat.
picutre 3
The grounds of Launde Abbey.
picutre 4
Launde Abbey.
picutre 5
We came across this flower filled meadow.
picutre 6
These turned out to be rams and we decided they were brothers as they were so alike. Dawn could not believe how “bald” they were as they got up to go tupping.
picutre 7
Having already lost her shoe twice in the mud, Dawn choosed the brambles instead.
picutre 8
Ducks in Braunston.
picutre 9
Some pretty roadside plants.
picutre 10