Walk 02/2012 – Woolsthorpe

Sunday 15th January 2012

Shock – horror on arrival, there was a pub sign but no sign of the pub – back to this later.

Woolsthorpe by Belvoir lies six miles west of Grantham and on the eastern bank of the River Devon and overlooking Belvoir Castle. Our route took us along the Grantham canal. The canal society has submitted an application to the Heritage Lottery Fund to restore it and two of the four locks of the Woolsthorpe flight. In addition to the restoration work, bespoke interpretation panels and new signage is proposed along the 33 miles of the canal, some of the work we were able to see today.

We headed towards Muston, also lying in the Vale of Belvoir, and stopped for coffee, but no offers of Claire’s homemade apple cake were forthcoming which must have upset our leader as he disciplined Barbara over the disposal of a banana skin [Ed – isn’t that Barbara’s second yellow card?] – bring cake for the leader folks!

Approaching Sedgebrook Mill, we passed a field of about 8 free standing solar arrays and trackers – probably generating enough energy for the whole village. We needed energy of a different kind as we continued through some muddy fields collecting a few clods underfoot making the going tough for a while.

Soon we were back on the towpath heading towards Redmile, where we perched in the porch of the church for lunch.

We travelled along the Jubilee way past Belvoir Castle – the home of the Duke of Belvoir, meaning “beautiful view” in French. The English pronunciation “Beaver” was built up over many centuries through the inability of Anglo–Saxons to master the French tongue. [Ed – keep it clean!] (Now you know) It has been the ancestral home of the Dukes and Duchesses of Rutland for over one thousand years.

Post walk drinks were taken at The Chequers – a 17th century country dining pub that was some distance away from its sign. A lovely roaring log fire in the bar meant no room for us, so we went through to the dining area that was once the original village bakery – still no offers of apple cake though!

Report – Sue

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Good

There was still some frost about when we set off.
picutre 1
It was not long before we joined the tow path of the disused Grantham Canal.
picutre 2
Which hosts a good population of swans.
picutre 3
Although disused, some of the locks still look in good condition.
picutre 4
A canal view.
picutre 5
There was some interesting artwork in the trees alongside the canal.
picutre 6
Someone has been painting the trees!
picutre 7
We walked by this green energy farm.
picutre 8
I think this was in Muston.
picutre 9
The sun is out but there are dark clouds ahead.
picutre 10
A family of swans this time.
picutre 11
Light on the canal.
picutre 12
Belvoir Castle from afar.
picutre 13
Belvoir Castle from a bit nearer.
picutre 14