Walk 06/2012 – Somerby

Sunday 11th March 2012

Did you get it?

A title that only those on the walk would understand and in particular those with a connection with the NHS!

We journeyed to the attractive Leicestershire village of Somerby, where the surrounding countryside is often referred to as ‘High Leicestershire’ as much of the parish is several [Ed – hundred?] feet above sea level and there are superb views to be found. Research revealed that the village was used as a base station and testing ground for the ill fated assault on Arnhem (1945), as depicted in the film A Bridge Too Far.

The fairly steep climb to Cold Overton gave us a good view of Somerby Lodge, having passed right by it earlier on the flat. Although we had climbed quite a bit, I don’t think we reached the highest point in the county of Rutland, as I don’t remember seeing a trig point pillar near the woods, but the woods did provide a nice coffee spot.

Following the Leicestershire Round, brought us to Owston Woods followed by the village. The route of the Round follows mostly public rights of way, unsurfaced tracks and some sections of quiet roads and is a 100 mile circular walk – not today though! And no farmer to say “eee you’re all mucked up” just the frequent light hearted referral to the report title!!

Thinking we had cracked it by parking in a pub car park, our hopes were dashed when told last orders had been called 15 minutes earlier, so we travelled to Burrough on the Hill to Grants country pub, home of the Parish Brewery that produces the infamous 12% Baz’s Bonce Blower – a beer that has had words such as ‘beware’ and ‘dangerous’ used in reviews.

And in answer to the question – No, nobody got it.

Report – Sue

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Good

This gateway in the middle of a small copse appears to go nowhere.
picutre 1
An avenue of trees.
picutre 2
A view over the new Lodge at Somerby.
picutre 3
The church in Cold Overton.
picutre 4
There were a lot of horses on this route.
picutre 5
A queue for the stile.
picutre 6
Moira finds another animal to pet; this time a Shetland pony.
picutre 7
The land was more undulating than we expected for Leicestershire.
picutre 8
Overall it was dry underfoot, but we did find the odd muddy track.
picutre 9
The old school house in Owston.
picutre 10