Walk 25/2012 – Harrold

Sunday 2nd December 2012

This walk starts at the Harrold-Odell Country Park. Fortunately the river water levels had gone down sufficiently to walk though the park, although the signs were still up because the ranger said they were expecting more rain.

It was a brisk frosty morning – one of those when it good to get out in the fresh air. Unfortunately for this walk most of the club missed it.

The country park café was busy despite the time of year and provided a good place for a cuppa at the end of the walk.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Good

The country park is in some picturesque countryside.
picutre 1
The frost provides some photo opportunities.
picutre 2
And a bit of sun helps.
picutre 3
It’s surprising what you see in a country park.
picutre 4
Still in the country park.
picutre 5
The church at Odell.
picutre 6
One of the woodland tracks.
picutre 7
Yelnow Plantation.
picutre 8
picutre 9
The walk passes the end of the Santa Pod Raceway.
picutre 10