Walk 08/2012 – Eskdale in the Lakes

Friday 6th April 2012

The weather had deteriorated a little, so no climbing big peaks today, but a lower level walk from the hostel to Burnmoor Tarn, along Mitterdale to the Gate House Outward Bound Centre and then back along the River Esk. The route happened to take us right past the Woolpack Inn which some how seem to have a magnetic affect.

It had been one of the days which test the watertightness of your kit although it didn't rain all day.

On the Monday we decided to travel straight back and maybe do a short afternoon walk nearer home. However as the weather was still poor and the traffic had been slow, there seemed little enthusiasm and we pressed on straight back to Peterborough in time for Owen to catch the dying minutes of Peterborough’s football match.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – very good

With plenty of rain and cloud around, picture opportunities on this walk are limited.
picutre 1
At least we didn’t need to get our boots wet crossing this beck.
picutre 2
A ”view“ from the bridge.
picutre 3
The yellow gorse helps to brighten things up.
picutre 4
There was some colourful vegetation in this part of the valley despite the overcast skies.
picutre 5
Our route back to the hostel took us along the River Esk.
picutre 6