Walk 08/2012 – Eskdale in the Lakes

Saturday 7th April 2012

The weather was not looking too bad so we decided to tackle Scarfell. We had a discussion as to whether to try and do both Scarfell and Scarfell Pike but decided to concentrate on Scarfell. We were joined by Angela and Simon (R) for this walk.

As with most climbs up high mountains, the gradual climb through the ‘foothills’ seemed to go on forever. But we evetually reached the rocky gully where the real scrambling started to get to the top.

Fortunately there were gaps in the cloud whilst we were up on top, so we could glimpse some of the fantastic views. The descent was slightly less vertical, but did involve a long downward trudge. The pub was reached with great relief by most.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Excellent

Looking back to the Eskdale Valley as we start our trek.
picutre 1
We come across the occasional waterfall.
picutre 2
Again looking back over Eskdale as we get higher.
picutre 3
That’s where we are going – somewhere.
picutre 4
A flatish stretch gives us a break from the climbing.
picutre 5
We are still below the cloud base.
picutre 6
We are going up there somewhere.
picutre 7
Looking back as we climb.
picutre 8
Another waterfall.
picutre 9
Ah....this is the gully that needs to be negotiated on this route up. It was at this point that Geoff informed us that he had seven pairs of gloves with him as he selected the correct pair for scrambling up wet rocks.
picutre 10
After trying to assist another walker to complete the descent, Angela, Owen and Simon commence their climb up the gully.
picutre 11
It does not look any easier looking down.
picutre 12
So here we are at the top of Scarfell and some gaps appear in the clouds and we can see Wast Water.
picutre 13
It not being too cold, we decide to stop for lunch on the top.
picutre 14
Now we can see Burnmoor Tarn.
picutre 15
Aother great view from the top.
picutre 16
We go down this way somewhere.
picutre 17
The scenery gets somewhat less rugged as we get lower.
picutre 18