Walk 12/2012 – Yorkshire Dales

Sunday 3rd June 2012

Today we went for a 12.7 mile walk along Arkendale. Starting from the hostel, we followed footpaths on the north east side of the beck up to Langthwaite and beyond before turning to follow a route back on the south western bank.

The weather was a bit chilly at times but although we doned waterproofs a couple of times it did not really rain much.

The route took us back through Reeth where we took advantage of one of the tea shops for a welcome cuppa.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Excellent

Typical Swaledale countryside.
picutre 1
Despite being June, there was still blossom about.
picutre 2
And Swaledale sheep.
picutre 3
Ruin in a desirable location. Barbara took a liking to this place so it became known as “Barbara’s cottage”.
picutre 4
We got the impression recent floods had caused some destruction as there were sections of walkway scattered up and down the river.
picutre 5
And there seemed to be more rivers than on the map.
picutre 6