Walk 12/2012 – Yorkshire Dales

Saturday 2nd June 2012

After quite a few changes to attendees for this weekend, it turned out nobody really wanted to walk a couple of sections of the Coast to Coast, so we just spent a pleasant weekend walking in the Dales from our base at Grinton Lodge Youth Hostel.

The last time we stayed at this hostel it had been upgraded and provided good facilities. It seems now that it has had another upgrade and the showers and toilets are first rate. We reckoned the shower was the best we had had in a youth hostel.

We drove up on Saturday, stopping off at Marske for an afternoon walk up the Marske Beck valley which is in Swaledale to the west of Richmond.

Report – Alan

Pictures – Alan

Walk rating – Very good

We came across these wild flowers which we could not name. Later research identified them as Leopard’s Bane.
picutre 1
This old mining area has some old stone bridges.
picutre 2
And attractive becks.
picutre 3
Clints Scar now on the opposite side of the valley.
picutre 4
We passed this pond which some swallows had adopted and we stood for a while watching them in flight.
picutre 5
This old stone wall had attracted lichen and other coloured plants.
picutre 6
A disused water wheel, no doubt a remnant of the mining days.
picutre 7
The Marske Beck.
picutre 8