Walk 14/2012 – Anniversary Weekend

Saturday 30th June 2012

Rain did not stop play

Several members of The Walking Club literally rose to the challenge and scaled 517 metres to reach the top of Mam Tor in the Peak District, dressed in formal evening wear,(some more outrageous than others) to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the club.

In the biting wind and rain, we enjoyed a strawberry and champagne reception on the summit of the peak, also known as, and appropriate for today, as the Shivering Mountain to toast the achievements of the club and its members, past and present.

Alan read out a few words composed by Mark Kalkhoven who was one of the founder members along with Mick Chapman.

We were also serenaded by a group of fellow walkers who thought it was a birthday celebration!

We did not linger at the top due to the weather, but a little further down, there was a small break through of sunshine, and we did not miss the opportunity to get the booze and eats out a second time.

Back at the hostel, we dried off before heading for the Ramblers Inn to enjoy our evening banquet.

Barbara (Doyle) had very thoughtfully sent a card and arranged for two bottles of wine to be presented in her absence.

A small trek across the fields afterwards in the dark ended a most enjoyable celebration.

Report – Sue

Pictures – Alan

Enjoyment rating – Excellent

Sue, love the dress. Last time I saw a pose like this was on the Muppet Show!
picutre 1
Bow tie, camera and rucksack – Nigel is fully equipped for the day ahead.
picutre 2
Andy brings a tyrolean flavour to the day whilst Judith risks declaring her assets! Andy takes credit for having a real bow tie and just about remembering how to tie it.
picutre 3
And next on the cat walk, we have Simon who is looking very dapper in dinner jacket, dress shirt and bow tie.
picutre 4
Blondes in boots! The Peterborough ladies chapter of the Cosa Nostra!
picutre 5
A quick bag check to make sure nobody is hiding any proper walking attire.
picutre 6
We assemble at Edale Youth Hostel for the start of our walk.
picutre 6
And off we go; the weather doesn’t look good. I have no idea why we have sun glasses on.
picutre 7
But we do get some views along the Edale valley.
picutre 8
And here we are at the top of Mam Tor.
picutre 9
Yes, Moira, it’s a very nice anorak, but your are meant to be posing.
picutre 10
Champagne in hand, we have to don rainwear as the weather deteriorates.
picutre 11
“To the Walking Club”.
picutre 11
But it clears as soon as we start to descend and there are good views over the cement works.
picutre 12
Judith decides it time to try and keep warm. Her assets are frozen!
picutre 13
Still on the Mam Tor ridge, we stop for strawberries and cream.
picutre 14
And onto our evening banquet at the Rambler Inn in Edale. A fine end to the day.
picutre 15